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Capitalism vs Socialism

Obama has been cheering that the Healthcare rollout is a success. He tells us the debate to repeal the law is over. Listen to this guy. He really believes what he’s saying. Why? To anyone else the law seems flawed and full of problems. People have lost their policies and their doctors, premiums are much […]

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Glenn Beck is Wrong on Bundy Ranch Issue .. By Erik Rush

    Last week, talk-show host and budding media mogul Glenn Beck excoriated those among the supporters of government-beleaguered rancher Cliven Bundy who were “crying for revolution, insurrection and a call to arms,” admonishing anyone of that mindset to stop listening to him and following him on social media. He also articulated that those among […]

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Obama’s foreign-policy ‘flexibility’ seen as Weakness .. By Admiral James A. Lyons, Jr. US Navy Ret.

The administration Kabuki dance we’re witnessing featuring U.S. refusal to provide nonlethal support equipment for Ukraine is President Obama displaying the new “flexibility” he promised Vladimir Putin he would have after his re-election. In short, it is capitulation. The administration is trying to make the case that by showing restraint, Mr. Obma will encourage Mr. […]

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Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America .. By Simon Black, Sovereign Man.

“Why does Obama suck?” If you’re not sure, ask Google. It seems that millions of Americans already have asked this question, along with: “Why does the government want to kill us?”, and “Can the government take your gold?” These are among the jewels of Google autocomplete– instantly displaying results from the most popular searches. Try […]

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Progressive Propaganda With A Prepper Facade: Americans Face Inflation, Hunger and Depression .. By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

It seems that every day when I look at our finances, I now have to adjust. Eating out at all is swiftly becoming a luxury of the past. If you’ve been to McDonald’s lately, you’ve probably noticed their dollar menu is now five dollars. A meal at any drive thru that used to cost $5 […]

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Folks, Shoe Fly Shoes

We’re accustomed to slick political tactics that like to give us bad news in two parts to soften the impact on our consciousness. Politicians know us too well. They know that most of the country is comatose most of the time and many “informed” citizens have the attention span of a cocker spaniel in obedience […]

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Folks, Now is the Hour

If Obama’s success is measured by our decline he is the most successful antagonist in modern history; perhaps world history. There is no gauge that will more accurately speak to his true purpose. He has successfully destroyed our economy and weakened our currency; he has made energy production costly, inefficient and unreliable; our national security […]

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President Barack Hussein Obama .. ©2013 by Andrew K. Dart

President Obama won the 2008 election, even though his beliefs and political positions were all but completely unknown to most Americans. He is a man with no great record of accomplishments in the Senate, or anywhere else, yet the national news media constantly gush over him. Seldom is heard a discouraging word about the man, […]

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The Ultimate Betrayal

When a young man or woman joins the United States military, one of the first things they do before even being shipped off to boot camp is take the loyalty oath. “I (state your name) do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and […]

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JD Longstreet


  An old admonition continues to tug at my consciousness. Its cautionary advice about something imminently dangerous approaching — just over the horizon — is more than a little compelling. You know — the admonishment that warns: “Eat, drink, and make merry, for tomorrow we die!” (You may recall several different versions found in the […]

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