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Restoring the Republic

Restoring the Republic

Chairmen for this Initiative

Alex Snitker, Danielle Alexandre and Francisco Rodriguez

What is The Liberty Empowerment Institute?

The Liberty Empowerment Institute was formed to empower the individual with the tools needed to influence the vote in their precinct. This will enable us to restore honest representation to the state of Florida. Our goal is to replace politicians with principled citizen legislators and set up a liberty structure throughout the state based on principle and not a political party.

Before we get into the actual plan, we would like to discuss how we got to the point of creating The Liberty Empowerment Institute.

Francisco Rodriguez and Alex Snitker were both candidates for political office in 2010. Francisco ran for the Florida State House as a Republican and Alex ran for the US Senate as a Libertarian. They didn’t agree on party affiliation but they did agree on the principles and what many of us considered to be the proper role of government.

They both lost. You might say they were doomed from the start. Both ran into the exact same problems while running for office. When it came to money, support and resources, neither Francisco or Alex had the capital or the structure to make an effective campaign possible.

Francisco and Alex eventually realized that they were looking at this problem from the wrong direction. The massive political establishment machine is in control of many aspects of our political process. We needed a liberty machine to contest the establishment one. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM

This what The Liberty Empowerment Institute is all about. We will show you how this is achievable and provide you with the tools and training you need to make it happen.

It Starts with YOU!!!

The beauty of The Liberty Empowerment Institute that the focus is empowering you in your own specific area, or more specifically, your neighborhood.

A precinct is the smallest geographic, political area that is utilized to win elections. Our plan focuses on empowering individuals in their own neighborhoods to influence the vote. We will show you how two individuals took ownership of their precincts and walked door to door and WON…I hope you didn’t miss that…2 people took responsibility, not 200, just 2..

If these two individuals can do this for one candidate then it is also possible that they could also accomplish it for the rest of the candidates running for other positions for which their precinct has an opportunity to vote on. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THAT STORY

We want to train you on a step by step plan to make this happen in your neighborhood.  We want to empower you to influence the vote along with the other liberty-minded individuals who reside in your precinct. Your meetings with your neighbors, will only be held when they are needed. This gives you the ability to live your life and be able to focus on what’s important. This is how we will be able to influence the direction of our republic and restore it back to its constitutional roots. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF OUR TRAINING EVENTS

Your actions where you live will be the direct challenge and compete with the money of the establishment and lobbyist. We will be able to ensure an honest voting process by becoming the citizens that will be informing others about the voting process and communicating which candidates should win for each elected office seat.

Volunteers Needed