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Initiative Chairman:- Fred Brownbill.

Contributors:-  Lt. Col. John Shaw, KrisAnne Hall, Marty Brownbill, Dave Shestokas, Roger Gangitano, Blaire Bayliss. Lt. Col. Ernest L. Webb. Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy, (ret), Guido, Thomas Lynch, Mad Max Mullen, Lloyd Marcus, Stewart Rhodes, Pastor Ron Budwine, J.D. Longstreet, Peter Anderson, Robin Tong, Mychal Massie, Oath Keepers.



Goal for this Initiative

To objectively evaluate the validity of Laws, Policies and Ordinances to determine whether they are consistent with the values set forth by the United States Constitution and by our Founding Fathers. Further, to take examples of where the Constitution is over looked or circumnavigated, and to give an educated and balanced opinion using history and Constitutional law.

Battle Plan

This is totally an educational initiative and therefore has no goals or dates to set. We will be publishing well written articles regularly and at on-going intervals and welcoming comments from our readers.

Patriot Action Team

Individuals who will be committed to carrying out this initiative.

We need volunteers to send Fred Brownbill items and links to anything that falls under this initiative from anywhere in this country, so we can investigate thoroughly prior to publishing. Not everything sent in will be used, but when we do, we will credit the person who forwarded the information that we used.

Save America Foundation Volunteers Needed

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