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‘Frame’ BLM’s Neil Kornze in a poster before BLM returns to Bundy Ranch .. By Judi McLeod

The high-handed, armed sniper-backed Bureau of Land Management, which retreated from Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch on Saturday, will be back. BLM will be back because they never go away. Their harassment campaigns against hard-working land owners and ranchers goes back more than 20 years. For 20 long years, BLM members have worked non-stop at what […]

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Federal agency pulls back in Nevada ranch standoff, but legal fight remains. Foreword by Fred Brownbill

EDITORS COMMENTS:-       A HUGE victory for We, the People, was won and History made in the middle of Nevada outside and on a cattle ranch this weekend.  This is the beginning of the real fight for our Constitutional Republic, a moment when this federal government gets to understand the depth of feeling that normal, every day […]

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Cliven Bundy supporters bring cattle roundup protest to Las Vegas police headquarters .. By ARNOLD M. KNIGHTLY

Rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters brought their protests from rural Clark County into the city Friday as they rallied outside Las Vegas police headquarters to tell the sheriff to stand up for Bundy against the federal government. Three Southern Nevada tea party groups organized Friday’s event, which got no visible response from the Metropolitan Police Department […]

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Obama Budget Supersizes U.S. Funding for UN, Global Military .. by Alex Newman

At a time of soaring U.S. budget deficits, brutal economic hardship for tens of millions of Americans, and unprecedented levels of federal spending, the Obama administration is asking Congress to drastically increase U.S. funding for the scandal-plagued United Nations and its oftentimes ruthless so-called international “peacekeeping” troops. However, rather than rewarding the widely criticized “dictators’ […]

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Hollywood “Noah” exposes the agenda, depopulation and how animals should be superior to humans! AGENDA 21 .. By Bill Korach

The movie “Noah,” directed by Darren Aronofsky, starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly was released this weekend. “Noah” is rated PG-13, Parents Strongly Cautioned – Some Material May be Inappropriate for Children Under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian. Since the lessons of Noah are often taught to […]

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Agenda 21 Course : Understanding Sustainable Development and How It Affects You

Learn about the all out assault on your personal property ownership, your family values, the American way of life, and FREEDOM! Liberalism, socialism, progressiveism, fascism, communism, whatever you want to call it, all rolled up in “NEW’ terminology and catch phrases. Click on the link below and take this great course.  Please pass it on […]

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Florida Leaders Applaud Governor Scott’s Appointment of Carlos Lopez-Cantera as Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “I am thrilled Governor Rick Scott selected Carlos Lopez-Cantera to serve as Lieutenant Governor.  Just like Governor Scott, Lopez-Cantera is dedicated to the people of Florida, and together they will lead the state with strength and integrity.” Tom Feeney, […]

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Florida Legislative Betrayal .. By Neil Rice and Karen Schoen, AgEnders

http://www.thefloridacurrent.com/article.cfm?id=36913305&utm_source=not_lt_user&utm_medium=article_link&utm_campaign=current_email Please call Senator Hays’ office, refer to the link above, and tell him that No he did not make a mistake.   (Let him know that his staffer is not a good qualified researcher, which is evident by the quality of his work). He actually grossly underestimated the amount of land in a government program. […]

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Communist Affiliated Group Secretly Worked With EPA To Craft New Coal Plant Killing Regulations – by Patch W Adams

What does the EPA’s recent ruling essentially killing the coal industry have to do with the Communist Party USA? Three words.. The Sierra Club. According to an article on The Washington Free Beacon, The Sierra Club has been secretly working with the EPA to craft the latest regulations for the coal industry: Emails between the […]

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New Frontier of Evil, Part 2: Florida Greenways and Trails .. By Neil Rice, Roy Callahan & Karen Schoen,

Life without knowledge is death in disguise 1000 Friends of Florida has played a key role in supporting state funding for the acquisition of environmental land and establishing Florida State’s National recognized “emerald necklace” of Greenways. 1000 Friends of Florida’s vision for Florida’s future: “Imagine livable neighborhoods and communities where kids can rid their bikes […]

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