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Rescuing America! We Are Taking Her Back!

Rescuing America

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Rescuing America!We Are Taking Her Back! The year was 2020. Middle America had had enough. Frustrated and angry at the corruption, greed and incompetence exhibited by the government and corporate America, tired of being ridiculed by the liberal press, and furious at the government’s failure to control terrorism and illegal immigration, middle America was ready to respond. Then, two distinct and terrible disasters greatly magnified all of these problems.

First, there was a natural disaster of Biblical proportions. This was followed by multiple Islamic terrorist attacks. America was weakened beyond belief. The situation was critical. Middle America responded as they always have when threatened: working together. But would that be enough? Could we show enough resolve to keep our foreign enemies from attacking us? Could we in Middle America succeed in forcing our government to return to the tenets and values of our Founding Fathers? Could we become, again, a nation of laws as enumerated by the U.S. Constitution? It would be a tough fight, but do not discount the resolve of the American people. Once riled, we are a force with which to be reckoned! And we are riled! The Second Amendment to Our Constitution is our insurance policy.

The Best Government Money Can Buy: Selling Out America

Best Government Money Can Buy

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Selling Out America Against a backdrop of Chinese cyber warfare and continued growth of a homegrown American Jihad threat, A US Senator attempts to bring jobs to his state, to off-set the high unemployment. During his tenure in Washington, he has become corrupt. He now lobbies for a Chinese firm for promises of new jobs. He also accepts gifts of money and sex from his clients. The client is, unknown to the Senator, part of a spy ring attempting to infiltrate the US Missile Defense system with a computer virus similar to the Stuxnet virus that shut down the Iranian nuclear program for fourteen months.

During his campaign, the senator played heavily on his military service. His opponent has found information that the senator never went into combat, and challenges him nationally. The expose is more than the senator can handle. He develops a psychopathic alter ego, which sets him on a rampage of serial killings to prove his courage, and to punish the unworthy. The question is: can the senator be stopped before he provides the Chinese with this cyber weapon— which could leave the US open to nuclear strikes from China—or from the Iranian missiles soon to be deployed in Venezuela?

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As a broker dealer and Wall Street denizen from the late 50s to the late 80s and equity finance entrepreneur and consultant to this day, Guido Volante has been a victim of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s relentless, unwarranted persecution, depriving his employees of jobs, his clients of opportunities, and his family of peace of mind.

Volante shows readers that a society is being created where creativity is punished, innovation is discouraged, and the American dream is dying. He hopes to open readers’ eyes to see that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has conspired to destroy self motivation, stockholder equity, and free enterprise. In the process, they eliminated an entire industry that supported entrepreneurs and shared risk.

In this unique commentary on the SEC, with dashes of personal experience, Volante encourages activism among entrepreneurs and capitalists to change the way the government works. Treason Among Us: Secrets of the SEC educates readers and the electorate to reinstate a functioning democratic and constitutional government.