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About Us

The Save America Foundation (SAF), a not for profit organization, is intent on seeing the U.S. Constitution upheld by our elected officials. The foundation informs and educates the public through free  Public Forums and through the SAF Online Education Center, speaking engagements and our Initiatives.

The Constitution of the United States was created to be the bedrock of the nation and to lay out our rights as citizens. As America’s most important document it provided the framework for our government and the means through which the people could keep the government in check. But what happens if the government institutes laws that are inconsistent with the Constitution, such as the passage of the recent Health Care bill, HR 3200, the NDAA and The Patriot Act?

The Save America Foundation, a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization, has taken on the task of addressing this question by implementing a program of education to better inform the general public not only of their Constitutional rights, but of the means by which they can participate in the process to protect those rights.

Thomas Jefferson once said that, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be”. Taking that quote to heart and understanding that an informed citizenry is critical to the preservation of our freedoms, The Save America Foundation offers an Online Eduction Center to our members covering such topics as the Constitution and its interpretation, as well as the political, economic and elective process.  We will also hold monthly FREE public forums where a range of talented and great speakers will educate and inform.  We also have several speakers available, sometimes at short notice, to attend different functions and speak on a variety of subjects, from the threat of Islam, the economy, voter fraud and the threat from the Progressives and Marxism.

An essential part of the education program offered by The Save America Foundation is the ways and means by which citizens may protect their rights. This has been realized throughout our history in the form of voting, peaceful assembly, and speaking out.

“The Foundation believes that if eternal vigilance is the price for freedom, our Republic cannot afford to be relegated to a spectator sport.”    It is necessary that people become involved and actively participate in the political process in order to secure that which is most precious to us as Americans.

Please join us and support the Save America Foundation today – saving America is up to you!  Membership is always free but donations will always be welcomed!  Every member of staff at the SAF is unpaid and therefore every cent donated goes to the fight to save our beloved Republic.

Fred Brownbill.   President.


Mission Statement

To see that our elected officials reinstate, protect, defend, and adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America

The Save America Foundation’s 3 Pillars

  • Education
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Implementation

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