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Operation American Spring Petition to US Senators and US Representatives.




It’s all laid out for your folks.  Click on the above and make our voices heard.  This is being transmitted across the nation, and only you can make it happen.  Put the link on FB, Twitter, Blogs, everywhere……..we need a gigantic/massive support of this petition.

The petition will be used in conjunction with our Boots on the Ground evidence to convince Congress our right under the 1st Amendment for a response to our Demands/Grievances is guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Click on the above link and take action now.  Do it several time per day if you can…your entire family….as often as possible.



Harry Riley


Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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2 Responses to OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING Update 25 from Col Riley

  1. Ed Gratz March 23, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

    Only one teeny weeny little problem. There is no list of grievances. People are signing a blank document. They say the actual list is being worked on.

    Dave, Fred, Guido, Holy Johnny, you guys have got to get involved with this group. They are even more authoritarian than you are. “Sign this” they say. And people sign. You could learn a lot.

  2. TJMcCann March 24, 2014 at 6:39 pm #


    No kidding, the petition provides no list of grievances.

    There is one other problem beyond that too. The petitution does provide one list — a list of names of those associated with OAS, which I’m sure the governmentn appreciates.

    Riley Backtracking:

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