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Storming D.C. May 16, 2014 and beyond…………

General – Activity has been quite hectic for everyone involved with OAS coordination.  As the saying goes, “running out of pews is exciting” thus the ever increasing load many are carrying is great but stressful, tiring, also jubilant. Thank God for the State Groups outstanding organization, initiative, and dedication…….a few are setting OAS on fire.  All the individual efforts are sending media our way…keep that up.

Reminder -

If you haven’t signed up at operationamericanspring.org , please do so

We have a TAB OAS $ Helps  If you need help, put your name and contact info in comment; if you can help, check out the needs. We would like a volunteer to watch the page and help connect receiver and giver.  OAS handles no funds.

Respect and courtesy is required in agreement or disagreement…divisiveness destroys our team effort.

TABS at top of page…please review them. Many planning helps are listed.

Connecticut – Our brothers and sisters are fighting for their second amendment rights.  Visit the Connecticut State Group and give them moral support…

OAS Planning – Our movement to action calls for resignation of Executive Branch and Congressional leaders.  If they refuse we are planning every legal action we can take. One example is the TAB Impeachment Articles. Details as to how these actions will happen will be announced to the media at the appropriate time.

Rumors – If you read, hear what you think or know are rumors, let someone know so we can nip them. Also if you see OAS or anyone associated with OAS being trashed on social media, or other places, challenge the issue, get some friends to do the same.

CSPOA -  Please consider signing the Sheriffs resoluton.  Print it off, sign and send to:CSPOA PO Box 567 Higley, AZ 85236

Media – Interest in OAS by the media at grass roots continues very high…the number of shows and print media is requiring additional OAS personnel fill radio spots.  This is healthy, encouraging, and what we need.

Marketing – We have a professional volunteer developing a strategy that should greatly increase the OAS outreach…prayer is needed here.

OAS Support – We need everyone to get involved in your State Group, in your town, get your Pastor energized, write a letter to editor, get two or three with signs and stand on the street as often as possible.  Join our Prayer Warrior Group…petitions to God for guidance, and His favor are critical to OAS success.

God bless every citizen of the United States of America to Truth and Action.

Harry Riley, OAS/PFA

Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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