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Greatest video on the real Communist agenda behind Obama .. The transcript and notes are by Preston Bailey, PhD.

Editors Note:  This really spells out the long term plans for a communist America very simply that is playing out before our very eyes and has been for so many years.  We have been asleep a long time America.  It is time now to awaken, rise and do more than shine.  We need to take the bull by the horns, join together as one people and say NO to this agenda and NO to Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration as he installs the final nails in the American dream, replacing the land of freedom and liberty that we were given in our charge by the founding fathers with what they see as a Marxist/Communist utopia…Just my opinion America, Fred Brownbill.


(Communism in America)

by Curtis Bowers





Use public policy to subvert it from the inside- met in 1992

They have infiltrated the institutions of America

Get behind the feminist movement

Destroy business by environmentalism by regulation

Destroy religion and morality by accepting homosexuality

Hate crimes legislation

Curtis Bowers- congressional representative

1958 book- The Naked Communist, former FBI agent, 45 communist goals

Communists do not use that name. They call themselves progressives.

communist countries in the world

Communism succeeds because people who are not communists advance their agenda.










The Democratic party was just slightly left of center and Republicans slightly right of center

Now Democrats have moved far left with the radicals with the same goals as socialism/communism

Janet Folger Porter is in this movie- the great great great grand-daughter of Benjamin Franklin whom I know

1 1/2 billion people live in communist countries

What’s so bad about communism? history, mass murder

Marxism has killed 500 million through history, put in prison, etc.


Communism is the final phase of socialism

Socialism is big government- they take things by force and give it to another, not fair



It destroys law, morality, productivity, the family, motivation, etc.

Socialism creates the conditions for a dictator to come to power

Frederick Nietzsche- God is dead

Charles Darwin- humans are part of the animal kingdom

Karl Marx- he used these 2 men to legitimize communism

He knew their ideas would help legitimize the mass slaughter of people

The Fabian Socialist Society- their symbol was a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Hard core Marxist in Venezuela

George Bernard Shaw- “I am a communist, but not a member of the communist party.”




Rev Jim Wallis- Students for a democratic society

Bill Ayers- wrote DREAMS OF MY FATHER, article


The Frankfurt School- Franz Norman, ruin the education system, Bertrand Russell- produce children who accept immorality

John Dewey

William Lundsberg

This was all planned in the 1930′s

They would accept any sexual deviant and change the family to a matriarchal society, destroy the family = destroy the nation, feminism

Then the government becomes the nanny state

A cultural revolution









Change the worldview of America

Destroy Christianity

Go from cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism

Change America from within

Antonio Gramsci- his plan was followed, a Neo Marxist communist, he taught undermining the morals of America, change the culture, pornography, turn their music, art, and literature against them

Once you control the culture you can mold the society the way you want to into communism


Infiltrate all institutions- churches, government and change from within

Change society over the long-term

Communist have promoted their agenda in Hollywood and the mass media

Quotes from leaders about communism

Saul Alinsky- Chicago radical

Saul Alinsky called for a community organizer to stir things up among the people- to have the haves and have nots against each other, blacks against whites

Hitler used this tactic in Germany to divide it into small groups

They used conflict to make people more dependent on government

They create the chaos and then they submit to authoritarianism

Obama taught RULES FOR RADICALS at workshops for 4 years for ACORN in Chicago

The book was dedicated to Lucifer

Alinsky packaged communism and sold it to the 1960′s radicals

Piven studied Alinsky and came up with the “Clowerd-Piven strategy” or the “crisis strategy.” “Way of the poor” article

To destroy capitalism and society get as many people possible on welfare dependent on the state. Crash the American system.

Rathke read that article and he started ACORN





ACORN gave us Obama

Wade Rathke who started ACORN was the draft resistance organizer for SDS- the group Fabian started



The left keeps pushing all of these government social programs and open borders to overload the system and crash it so communism will take over


TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA by William Foster was the head of the communist party to bring out a USSA, a communist country



Betty Friedan, purpose was to attack homemakers and make them think they were victims and needed equality of an unjust patriarchal system

She wrote THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE- she was a radical propagandist for the communist party and s supporter of Stalin and wanted to dismantle the family







The communist party USA formed a group to push homosexuality called the Mattachine Society lead by Henry Hay






They infiltrated the culture of society and make homosexuality normal

The COMMUNIST MANIFESTO- change the meaning of marriage





The Democratic Party is really the Communist Party








If you destroy cultural traditions then you can move them to accept an authoritarian government but they need to destroy Christianity with moral values and freedom

Freedom and free enterprise is the fruit of morality

John Adams- a moral and religious people

40% of children are born out of wedlock

50% of marriages end in divorce

3000 babies are aborted everyday

19 million Americans get a sexually transmitted disease every year

Situation ethics- no right or wrong

Our society is falling apart

Karl Marx- “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism. People exist for the benefit of the state.”

Destroy God and capitalism was his goal.

Society crumbles so the government takes over.

He devalued God and elevated man.

We are created in the image of god- sanctity of human life

American exceptionalism- founders based laws on Bible

The schools see nothing wrong with promoting Hinduism, Islam, etc but not Christianity

You either depend on God or the government.

Concentration camps in Germany and Gulags in Russia that devalued man

Big government abuses its power over the people

Christians have always fought for human rights

They are at war with God.




They control the news and news media. Views are biased and become activism.

Journalists have been trained to interpret the news and not give facts to influence the people. It is advocacy journalism for a cause.

Stalin said, “If I can control Hollywood I can rule the world!”




Vladimir Lenin- “give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

John Dewey- went to Russia and brought back to the US communism. He believed education should socialize the child to make him a willing tool of the state. He dumbed down our children for socialism.

The left got hold of training colleges and unions

The radicals are now tenured professors, writing books, and running the colleges

The left have indoctrinated our children to liberalism from schools. They do not teach logic or critical thinking.

They think government is the solution to their problems.

Foster said to force every child to go to public school- no home schools

A lack of science studies

They are training children for a collective mindset to become dependent on government

They teach multi-culturalism, tolerance, and acceptance of non-Christian values

They do not teach what our founding fathers taught

Schools are controlled by the teachers union that promotes the feminist agenda, gay rights, globalism, anti-family, ignore history and impose their ideas on children, environmentalism, immorality promoted- sex education curriculum, ignore parents, NEA controls everything taught- Common Core, give new definitions of words, (social justice is communism), they do not teach things that made America great, they teach and glorify foreign countries with communist leaders, not pledge allegiance to the flag (pledge allegiance to the world)

They focus on the 15 to 25 years old

They want to dumb down people to not think for themselves

They want to throw out the US Constitution




If you can persuade people that government needs to control energy then every intimate aspects of your life will eventually be controlled by the government

Al Gore- EARTH IN THE BALANCE, read the last chapter, 1992, totalitarian government

The founder of Greenpeace later realized it had been captured by radical leftists that were intent on destroying capitalism

Scare people about energy sources like coal as being bad then you drive up prices and get more tax revenue. The government then eventually want to control all personal transportation so people have to use public transportation


“Environmentalism” becomes everything around you in communism

Global warming is simply a communist agenda to get more control



Frank Marshall Davis joined the communist party and Obama was his friend and Davis was his mentor

In 1972 when the committees of correspondence split, the new leaders involved were involved in the Obama administration




Socialism and Marxism go together. Communists are standing behind socialists.

The leftists convinced Americans to put a communist in office

The left has started many non profit organizations and foundations using tax dollars to promote their agenda.

They use patriotic words to lie to the public.

When socialists gain control of the government, the communists will come in and take over. They will kill the socialist leaders because they realize if these socialists betrayed their own country then they will betray the communist leaders as well.

This has happened throughout the history of socialism.

These communist will overthrow the people and re-engineer society.

The inspiration of freedom formed America.




Countries destroyed by communism:


Nazi Germany






  • Pray
  • Meet with others once a month to discuss the spread of communism
  • Stand up in your community- “Silence makes cowards out of the best of men”- Abraham Lincoln
  • Organize people to influence your community
  • Stop buying products from companies that send money to liberal and communist organizations
  • Write or call your local school when something happens you do not like
  • Read the textbooks of your children and ask them what they discussed that day in class
  • Blog on pro-American issues or make a video and put it on YouTube
  • Influence your own family and relatives and teach them the truth of “American greatness”
  • Take responsibility for your children’s education
  • Teach those in your community of a biblical worldview
  • Create or join a patriotic organization such as www.saveamericafoundation.com
  • Share this video to everyone on your email list
  • Rise above the evil you discover and promote Biblical Christianity
  • Encourage people to turn to Christ for the solution to their problems
  • Share with others the beliefs of our founding fathers

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