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The real story of the rescue of Captain Phillips from the Somali Pirates … From: Herb Schwartz


Editors Note:  The term ZERO in this article refers to our usurper and anti-military, anti American  president, Barack Hussein Obama, and is a term of derision used by many in our military, especially those on our elite Spec-Ops groups who some could say have been damaged the most by his actions.  Zero place rules of engagement upon our SEAL team that tied their hands behind their backs so tightly, they almost were helpless to do anything.  Below this post is some very important information about the Hollywood elites that produced this film that I feel you all need to read and fully understand.  This list was put together by Oath Keepers, a strategic partner of the Save America Foundation, and a group I seriously recommend you all join.  Read this article and let it go viral by you all sharing it everywhere, especially to those about to go and watch this movie…..just my opinion, Fred Brownbill.

The real story of Captain Phillips was written shortly after the event by
someone who was there.
All of us want to raise our glass the highest this week to the Navy SEALs
who popped those three Somali pirates. And I’m sure you want to hear the
real story of what happened. Especially because there is a revoltingly
opportunistic and cowardly side to it. Guess which side Zero (aka: our
president) is on.
Why, for example, did it take SEAL Team Six (aka DEVGRU, Navy Special
Warfare Development Group, the Navy’s equivalent of Delta Force) over 36
hours to get to the scene?
Because Zero refused to authorize the SEAL deployment for those 36 hours,
during which the OSC – the on scene commander, Cmdr. Frank Castellano of the
USS Bainbridge – repeatedly requested them.
Once the SEALs arrived – parachuting from a C-17 into the ocean near the
ship – Zero then imposed Rules of Engagement (ROE) specifying the SEALs
could not do anything unless the life of the hostage, Captain Richard
Phillips, was in “imminent” danger.
Thus, when Capt. Phillips attempted to escape by jumping off the lifeboat
into the ocean, the SEAL snipers had all four pirates (one later
surrendered) sighted in and could have taken them out then and there – but
they could not fire due to Zero’s ROE restrictions.
When the SEALs approached the lifeboat in a RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat)
carrying supplies for Capt. Phillips and the pirates, the pirates fired upon
them. Not only was no fire returned due to the ROE, but as the pirates were
shooting at the RIB, SEAL snipers on the Bainbridge had them all dialed in.
No triggers were pulled due to the ROE.
Two specific rescue plans were developed by Cmdr. Castellano and the SEAL
teams. Zero personally refused to authorize them.
After the second refusal and days of dithering, Cmdr. Castellano decided he
had the Operational Area and OSC authority to “solely determine risk to
hostage” and did not require any further approval of the president.
Four hours later, the White House is informed that three pirates are dead
and Capt. Phillips has been rescued unharmed. A WH press release is
immediately issued, giving credit to the president for his “daring and
decisive” behavior that resulted in such success.
Zero has absolutely no military knowledge or experience whatsoever. He
demanded decisional control over the entire hostage drama to the last
detail. All actions required his personal approval. He dithered like a
coward while the world laughed at our warships flummoxed by four illiterate
teenagers with AKs in a lifeboat.
Only when the Navy Commander decided to ignore his Pantywaist-in Chief and
take action and responsibility himself, were the incredible skills of the
SEALs put into play.
That Zero could cynically and opportunistically claim that his “bold” “calm”
“tough” leadership was responsible should remind everyone that not a single
action, not a single word of this man can be trusted. He is bereft of
honesty and moral character. That’s why he’s Zero.
We raise a glass full of pride and gratitude to Navy Commander Frank
Castellano, the Navy SEALs for their incredible competence, and our military
as we also recognize Zero for what he is, or more appropriately, for what he
is not.

About the author:  

Herb Schwartz is a Navy Blue and Gold Officer for the Naval Academy and father of the highest ranked graduate at the USNA in 2000.  He flew missions over the former Soviet Union with Francis Gary Powers, taught at the Judge Advocates college and briefed President Kennedy as an intelligence officer.  He is an author and a retired Military Judge.

From Oath Keepers: 

Oath Keepers sign

If you think this is worthy of consideration, feel free to pass it along to our brother and sister Oath Keepers to consider before they all go rushing out to see “Captain Phillips” or any other movie. Keep in mind that this information isn’t a blip on the radar. This is pretty much representative of the entire movie and television industry that people support every time they buy a movie ticket or go to theme park owned by a movie studio or a subsidiary thereof.

Captain Phillips is a movie from Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (CPII) is an American film production and distribution studio, that is part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony.
The president of Columbia is Doug Belgrad. Here are the politicians Belgrad supports.
5/31/12 $2,500 DNC Services Corp (D)
12/8/09 $2,000 Berman, Howard L (D)
2/28/11 $600 Cardin, Ben (D)
2/28/11 $600 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
2/28/11 $600 Whitehouse, Sheldon (D)
2/28/11 $600 Klobuchar, Amy (D)
5/10/12 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
5/10/12 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
10/24/08 $2,300 Obama, Barack (D)
9/30/04 $1,000 Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)
9/24/04 $1,000 Obama, Barack (D)
1/31/08 $2,300 Obama, Barack (D)
Remember, Sony Pictures ownes Columbia. The Chairman of Sony Pictures is Michael Lynton. Here are the politicians he supports.
5/28/10 $15,200 Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte (D)
6/13/13 $5,200 Booker, Cory (D)
1/16/13 $5,000 Booker, Cory (D)
5/5/09 $5,000 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)
4/30/09 $5,000 Motion Picture Assn of America
7/20/10 $5,000 Motion Picture Assn of America
6/13/13 $2,600 Booker, Cory (D)
4/27/12 $2,500 Gillibrand, Kirsten (D)
11/20/11 $2,500 Berman, Howard L (D)
11/20/11 $2,500 Berman, Howard L (D)
4/27/12 $2,500 Gillibrand, Kirsten (D)
11/30/11 $2,500 Warren, Elizabeth (D)
9/22/10 $2,400 Bennet, Michael F (D)
9/27/10 $2,400 Murphy, Patrick J (D)
9/8/09 $2,400 Giannoulias, Alexander (D)
9/8/09 $2,400 Giannoulias, Alexander (D)
1/16/13 $2,400 Booker, Cory (D)
11/11/11 $2,000 Cardin, Ben (D)
9/6/13 $2,000 New Jersey Democratic State Cmte (D)
2/24/12 $2,000 Brown, Sherrod (D)
7/27/10 $1,500 Boxer, Barbara (D)
3/31/11 $1,000 Cantwell, Maria (D)
7/14/10 $900 Boxer, Barbara (D)
2/25/11 $600 Democratic State Central Cmte/California (D)
4/26/11 $30,800 DNC Services Corp (D)
7/31/12 $25,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
5/31/09 $15,200 DNC Services Corp (D)
5/17/10 $9,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
7/13/09 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
8/31/10 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
8/31/10 $5,000 Democratic Party of Nevada (D)
3/25/11 $2,500 McCaskill, Claire (D)
4/26/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/26/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
5/1/09 $2,400 Reid, Harry (D)
5/1/09 $2,400 Reid, Harry (D)
2/28/11 $2,050 Whitehouse, Sheldon (D)
2/28/11 $2,050 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
2/28/11 $2,050 Klobuchar, Amy (D)
2/28/11 $2,050 Cardin, Ben (D)
9/30/10 $2,400 Kagen, Steve (D)
2/22/07 $5,000 Motion Picture Assn of America
5/5/08 $5,000 Motion Picture Assn of America
4/24/07 $5,000 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)
5/22/08 $2,300 Franken, Al (D)
11/28/07 $2,300 Boxer, Barbara (D)
3/1/07 $2,300 Durbin, Dick (D)
5/27/08 $2,300 Murphy, Patrick J (D)
6/23/08 $2,300 Polis, Jared (D)
6/30/08 $2,207 Reed, Jack (D)
12/28/06 $2,100 Vilsack, Thomas J (D)
5/18/04 $2,000 Wyden, Ron (D)
9/28/04 $2,000 Obama, Barack (D)
2/13/04 $2,000 Leahy, Patrick (D)
2/13/04 $2,000 Leahy, Patrick (D)
5/22/08 $1,300 Franken, Al (D)
5/22/08 $1,000 Franken, Al (D)
11/17/03 $1,000 Nadler, Jerrold (D)
9/9/98 $5,000 Liberal Party of New York State
5/5/08 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
5/25/07 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
3/8/07 $2,300 Obama, Barack (D)
9/28/07 $2,300 Merkley, Jeff (D)
11/4/03 $2,000 Clark, Wesley (D)
10/16/04 $1,000 Our Common Values PAC (D)
12/13/00 $1,000 Kerry, John (D)
10/17/94 $600 Democratic State Central Cmte/California
6/30/95 $500 Clinton, Bill (D)
8/7/90 $500 Gantt, Harvey B (D)
4/10/92 $500 Clinton, Bill (D)
4/26/95 $250 Specter, Arlen (R)
6/21/07 $1,400 Dodd, Chris (D)
2/23/07 $900 Dodd, Chris (D)
5/11/99 $500 Bradley, Bill (D)
Amy Pascal is the Co-Chair of Sony Pictures. Here is a look at her political contributions.
4/20/11 $30,800 DNC Services Corp (D)
9/26/12 $5,333 Democratic Party of Ohio (D)
10/30/12 $5,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
9/26/12 $3,333 Democratic Executive Cmte of Florida (D)
9/26/12 $2,666 Democratic Party of Wisconsin (D)
4/20/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/20/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/27/11 $2,500 Adler, Daniel (D)
9/26/12 $2,222 Democratic Party of Nevada (D)
11/26/12 $2,222 Democratic Party of Nevada (D)
9/26/12 $2,222 Democratic Party of Iowa (D)
10/26/12 $2,000 Democratic Party of Virginia (D)
10/17/12 $1,666 McCaskill, Claire (D)
11/5/12 $1,666 Baldwin, Tammy (D)
10/15/15 $1,666 Heitkamp, Heidi (D)
9/26/12 $1,555 Democratic Party of Colorado (D)
9/26/12 $666 New Hampshire Democratic State Cmte (D)
2/28/11 $600 Cardin, Ben (D)
2/28/11 $600 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
2/28/11 $600 Klobuchar, Amy (D)
2/28/11 $600 Whitehouse, Sheldon (D)
6/30/08 $26,200 DNC Services Corp (D)
10/16/06 $25,000 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)
7/22/05 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
5/30/07 $5,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
6/28/07 $2,300 Obama, Barack (D)
1/18/94 $1,500 Hollywood Women’s Political Cmte
2/27/96 $1,500 Hollywood Women’s Political Cmte
6/20/95 $1,500 Hollywood Women’s Political Cmte
11/16/93 $375 Hollywood Women’s Political Cmte
2/29/92 $300 Clinton, Bill (D)
3/20/92 $250 Clinton, Bill (D)
4/8/94 $250 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
Captain Phillips stars Tom Hanks. Here are the politician Hanks supports.
1/20/09 $10,000 Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (D)
3/31/11 $2,500 Cantwell, Maria (D)
3/31/11 $2,500 Cantwell, Maria (D)
4/26/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/26/11 $2,500 Obama, Barack (D)
9/19/11 $2,500 Berman, Howard L (D)
10/29/12 $2,500 Kerrey, Bob (D)
3/31/10 $2,400 Schumer, Charles E (D)
3/31/10 $2,400 Schumer, Charles E (D)
9/1/09 $1,200 Giannoulias, Alexander (D)
9/30/12 $850 Democratic Executive Cmte of Florida (D)
5/22/12 $800 Democratic Party of Ohio (D)
5/22/12 $650 Democratic Party of Pennsylvania (D)
9/30/12 $550 Democratic Party of Virginia (D)
5/22/12 $550 Democratic Party of North Carolina (D)
5/22/12 $550 Democratic Party of Colorado (D)
5/22/12 $300 Democratic Party of Nevada (D)
5/22/12 $300 Democratic Party of Wisconsin (D)
5/22/12 $250 Democratic Party of Iowa (D)
5/22/12 $200 New Hampshire Democratic State Cmte (D)
5/31/12 $30,800 DNC Services Corp (D)
4/26/11 $30,800 DNC Services Corp (D)
3/26/09 $5,000 Midwest Values PAC (D)
6/30/09 $5,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
2/2/10 $5,000 Midwest Values PAC (D)
1/20/09 $2,300 Franken, Al (D)
9/30/00 $10,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
3/21/07 $4,600 Obama, Barack (D)
9/30/08 $2,300 Obama, Barack (D)
3/10/04 $2,000 Kerry, John (D)
10/8/04 $500 Environment 2004
9/11/00 $500 Licht, Richard A (D)
10/26/94 $500 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
6/5/97 $500 Feinstein, Dianne (D)
11/17/08 $500 Boxer, Barbara (D)
12/12/05 $500 Waxman, Henry A (D)
9/27/08 $250 Berkowitz, Ethan A (D)
9/19/06 $250 Kennedy, Patrick J (D)
9/29/08 $26,200 DNC Services Corp (D)
8/15/07 $4,500 Midwest Values PAC (D)
3/15/07 $2,300 Franken, Al (D)
3/15/07 $2,300 Franken, Al (D)
9/7/00 $1,000 Gore, Al (D)
10/8/99 $1,000 Gore, Al (D)
I could produce a virtual encyclopedia of this stuff if I had the time, the staff, and inclination. This IS the movie and televion industry. My point is that liberty loving patriots who become apoplectic every time another one of their precious liberties goes up in political smoke need to evaluate their entertainment apetites and expenditures, and ask themselves a few questions like: Are we addicted to movies, television, and theme parks? Are we unwittingly giving our time and treasure to the very people who are hell-bent on destroying what we claim to hold dear? Isn’t there something better we could find to do with our time, talent, and money?

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12 Responses to The real story of the rescue of Captain Phillips from the Somali Pirates … From: Herb Schwartz

  1. Pete January 28, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    More bullshit brought to you bt the RNC and FOX NEWS !

    • jim lovell February 5, 2014 at 7:20 am #

      same fox lies, different day. why do fake patriots believe such crap? do they not remember bush getting flack when similar attacks occurred during his failed presidency and there was no military intervention? where was the hateful, lying attacks against him “coddling” muslims when that happened? what is wrong with these anti-american pukes that have crawled out from under their rocks when bush had to leave washington in shame and the black guy had to deal with his huge mistakes, both military and economic? is it just racism? what drives these bizarre, hate-filled attacks on this president and democrats in general?

      • Fred Brownbill February 5, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

        Jim, If you have ever read this site, our attacks are on both the GOP and the Democrats. Racism plays ZERO part in our articles. We have many black members who agree with us. This president has been an absolute disaster and has committed treason against all of us and the constitution and is responsible for many military deaths and others. You obviously are one of the liberals/progressive trolls that go to sites like this to sprout the race word. I presume you agree with the genocide of black babies that have increased dramatically under this Obama administration, and the unemployment which has hurt minorities more under this administration. Go drink some more Kool Aid and get back under your rock. Have a great day…Fred Brownbill.

      • Jesse February 6, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

        Mainly because of the cool-aide drinkers like you!

    • Jim D February 23, 2014 at 10:17 am #

      Keep you stupid liberal head firmly up your butt. Anyone that backs ozero after 5 years of ineptitude has the IQ of lint!!!!!!

  2. Rick February 19, 2014 at 4:14 pm #

    Please use Snope.com or similar sites to vet this kind of diatribe. It is unconscionable to spread such lies and defamation. It only takes 5 minutes (unless you have other motives) to check out this stuff before you publish it. Unfortunately this totally negates any other information you have listed on your site as you have proven yourself to be unreliable and unprofessional.

    • Fred Brownbill February 19, 2014 at 5:48 pm #

      Snope has zero credibility as run by a couple of liberals whose integrity has been questioned many times

  3. Frank Haley February 22, 2014 at 9:28 am #

    All to often I have used Snopes only to learn that they were incorrect. More and more sites may be used to check on stories. I suggest at least three sources before one decides to forward any emails.

    • Fred Brownbill February 22, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

      Snopes is a two person liberal propaganda machine!

  4. Tuc March 4, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    Calm down fellas. I’m not a liberal or conservative. My liberal leaning friends think I’m too right leaning and my more conservative friends think I lean too far to the left. I wear this as a badge of pride. President Eisenhower in his farewell speech said “beware of the military industrial complex”. We as Americans, unfortunately, did not take heed. We were slowly ‘dumb down’ and lied to by the media and the entertainment industry. I hardly watch T.V except for an occasional football game or a documentary. I never watch ‘dancing with the fools’ or ‘american idol’. ‘Leave it to Beaver’, ‘McHales Navy’, ‘The honeymooners’, maybe, but not that other insult to intelligence trash. But I can tell you this, G.W. Bush and Obama are nothing but puppets for the elitists. They are really no different from each other. They might have slightly different agendas but all in all they serve their elitist masters. They only worry about Wall St. and making the ultra rich richer, even though it has destroyed our middle class. Our politicians think nothing about sending our kids in to wasteful wars and putting them in harms way, but they make sure their children don’t go to fight and maybe die. If they did maybe thing would be different. I could go on and on about this subject but I want to fly my RC helis or build and paint my WW2 model airplanes. Right now I’m finishing up a Spitfire Mk VII. I also like to go to the shooting range since I also support the second amendment. I also like boating. All this stuff is, to me, more entertaining than going to the movies or watching mind numbing T.V. By the way, I also support gay rights and have friends who are gay even though I am not.

    • Fred Brownbill March 4, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      Hey there Tuc! Thanks for the comment. You raise a lot of points that I agree with and some maybe I could differ with you on…but that is what this great country is all about! Now, that spitfire? What a great plane, Merlin engine screaming with a unique sound, perfect lines. Yeah, I love them. Thanks though for reading the Save America Foundation website and I hope to see more of your comments on here….remember, membership is free! Have a great day, Fred Brownbill

  5. JP May 13, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    @Tuc- I generally agree. As to TV, especially the MSM “News”– Don’t watch it, but keep your eye on it. I believe the Military-Industrial complex Ike warned us about has been replaced by the Politician-Financial Institution complex. It is obvious why few politicians have warned us about the latter complex.

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