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What does it take to Destroy a Country? … By Ron Gangitano

ron gangitano


What does it take to destroy a country? If we look around we can see that a
number of countries that have fallen are from the Arab region of the Middle
East. Because these countries are falling like dominoes, it’s not that hard to
find the common denominator. It would do us well to know what that is. We don’t
have to look very far to realize the two common reasons for national collapse
are a depressed economy and civil unrest.

The big question is can the USA be, similarly, headed toward collapse?
Certainly, our economy is in trouble. So, that’s something to think about. Civil
unrest? Not yet. Certainly, we are experiencing some civil unhappiness or
uneasiness, even distrust. Obviously, we haven’t reached the point of civil
unrest; not yet. But if this administration continues to ferment broad divides
between the middle class and the wealthy and continues to re-kindle the fires of
racism, they are clearly putting us on the road to destruction. There is nothing
good that can come of this kind of division.

The economy is big and it can be complicated but I don’t believe that it is as
complicated as they would like us to believe. Too many people are evaluating the
economy by looking at the unemployment rate. It has been stagnant at around 7.5
% but that is a deceptive number. That number is based on the number of people
who are collecting unemployment insurance. It is assumed that they are all
actively seeking work. It does not include all those who have exhausted their
unemployment benefits and are no longer collecting benefits. It also ignores all
those who have taken work well below their usual job station and pay scale or
those who are working part-time in order to earn something. Those are the people
that no one seems willing to talk about because when those workers are brought
into the equation, the unemployment figures works out to somewhere around 18%
and may even exceed 20%. The unemployment rate could stay at 7.5% but the
numbers of unemployed no longer on the rolls or those under-employed keeps
growing. When almost ¼ of the middle class is struggling to economically survive
and this president places all the blame on the wealthy, he is setting the stage
for civil unrest.

Obama passed the Affordable Healthcare Act. Already it has proven to be
unaffordable and, unlike what we were originally told, we cannot choose to keep
the insurance we have. The people have no choice. The business that is hurt the
most by Obama care is the small businessman who bears a heavy financial burden.
Many employers, trying to stay on budget, are already choosing to hire part-time
rather than full-time in order to escape the heavy costs of government
healthcare. Employees are stuck between accepting the unaffordable health care
costs and paying a penalty. The majority of the people are demanding the repeal
of Obama care and replacing it with another plan but Obama will not sign any
such thing or anything that even suggests modifying the existing law. We are
being force fed this healthcare bill even as the care provided proves to be as
inadequate as it appears to be. That would really be cause for some civil
unrest. Thanks Obama.

Our rate of economic growth, the GDP, remains a dismal 1.5%. Previous
administrations showed growth two and three times that. Obama has not responded
to any of these conditions that would, ordinarily, spark re-direction by any
other president. Instead, he insists on staying the course. The economy
continues to struggle with lackluster growth, real unemployment continues to
worsen and race relations have regressed. Unlike the administration’s talking
points, these conditions were not caused by republican opposition to the Obama
agenda. The current economic and social conditions belong to no one but Obama;
he owns them. The arguments between the parties are simple; Obama and the
democrats want to continue with the Obama agenda and the republicans are
advocating changing the agenda. Running on the road that we have been put on for
these last five years, with no change of direction, is, clearly, a path to ruin
and destruction; and Obama and the Democratic Party know it. The Obama agenda
has not worked; from the stimulus and Obama care to the higher taxes for the
wealthy, there has been no change in five years as our country continues to
flounder. The question is why would they intentionally stay on a path that will
bring this country to its knees? What’s in it for them?

How about the reason being to establish a single party government, like most
communist nations have done? Think about it. It sounds logical. It sounds
reasonable. Nothing else makes better sense. We would still have a president but
a single party would remove the checks and balances. Power would be almost
absolute. There would still be power struggles between individuals but none of
those annoying limiting controls that must be endured due to a constitution. The
government would be controlled by an elite circle of powerful individuals with
the freedom to do almost anything they want. The people would probably be given
just enough rights and freedom to avoid civil unrest but no more. This scenario
explains why so many democrats are hanging tough with the Obama agenda. It’s
about power; not just power for one man but power to the party. Think about it.
Give me something else that makes better sense. I’m all ears.

Stop the transformation
My two cents

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