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We may be doomed America and there is Treason all around us .. An Opinion by Fred Brownbill.

Save America Foundation Fred Brownbill

Save America Foundation Fred Brownbill


Fellow Patriots.

We are living in very interesting times.  There is treason occurring all around us.  The history being made now and playing out on the National and International arena is awe inspiring in its’ magnitude.  The incompetence, the lies, the intrigue, the murder of American Citizens by its’ own Government, the treasonous acts of a would be Dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, who is becoming more and more desperate and openly hostile as he sees that he may just be stopped mid way in his total transformation of America. Even some of his closest friends in the Main Stream Media are actually writing some articles that could be a cause of embarrassment to this evil man and his personal vendetta against all we hold dear.

Lets take a look at some of the history making events that should have already caused the impeachment hearings to begin if it had been any other person than Obama.  There are so many but I will cover and list some of the main and bigger ones that have already been covered here on the Save America Foundation site by many of our contributing writers.

1/  Fast and Furious.  This was an operation run by the Obama Administration and an extremely corrupt Federal Agency, the ATF. This involved over 2000 military style weapons including 50 cal sniper rifles and AK47s being bought through Gun Dealers on the Southern Borders and smuggled into Mexico to the highly dangerous Mexican Drug Cartels.  Why you may ask?  This was in an extreme way an effort by this Administration to further their gun ban possibilities by showing the ease with which weapons could be purchased and smuggled out by anyone. However, on examination, no gun dealer broke any law on any of these sales.  The results of this operation , apart from how those involved from the White House on down to the lowest ATF Agent broke the Oath they had taken, was a huge number of deaths of both Mexican Nationals and American citizens.  There were in fact 57 of these guns used in known kidnapping and murder cases which did not even come out in official congressional investigations on this operation.  In February, 2011, Special ICE Agent, Jaime Zapata, was killed and his partner, Victor Avila, was injured with weapons supplied directly by this treasonous Obama Administration. A second young American hero of mine, a true patriot, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was also murdered in December, 2010, after a gun fight with Mexican thugs using weapons supplied also by the ATF.  These two deaths were directly attributed with the actions taken by this Obama Administration including the Department of Justice and the FBI, ATF and ICE.

2/   Benghazi Gate.  The questions raised by this debacle from Obama just keep on mounting, and no statements from an angry and contemptuous Obama himself, will quiet down the clamor rightly rising from Americans of all political denominations!  Here, once again, we see the murders of more brave, patriotic American heroes,  US Ambassador Stevens, Embassy information management officer Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALs  Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods who were killed by mortar fire.  The Obama Administration came out swinging right from the start with fairy tales that the Grimm brothers,  Jacob and Wilhelm, would have been proud of!  They blamed a little known film maker and his stupid short and extremely unprofessional video of Mohammad called  “Innocence of Muslims.” of inciting riots which led to these deaths.  That was followed by the swift arrest , trial and jailing of that film maker,Nakoula Basseley Nakoula . That did not solve the problem!  It would appear that gun running to the rebels in Syria this time for use against Assad and posibly Israel down the road, once more played a huge part in this intrigue resulting in very possibly the planned assassination of a United States Ambassador, Christopher Stevens,  for the knowledge he had of these illegal CIA and Obama planned operations.  The truth will come out very soon on these very pages as I am working very close with a confidential informer with incredible inside knowledge of this event. What caused this to spiral out of control, even for the Obama spin masters, was the unexpected actions of the two former brave SEALs who refused to stand down and saved many lives that day, prior to being killed themselves with the resulting publicity fireball that errupted by organizations like this one.   (See:  http://www.saveamericafoundation.com/2013/05/14/benghazi-gate-the-worst-cover-up-since-richard-nixon-by-dr-preston-bailey/ )   This tragic event has involved all the usual main players on Team Obama!  Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, Barack Hussein Obama, the Commander in Chief who apparently gave all the stand down orders to Spec Ops teams awaiting the go ahead for the rescue mission and General Petraeus, the CIA Director at the time among others.  The role that the Obama bought and paid for main stream media played was also a gross dereliction of their duties as so called investigative reporters, who have given their Lord and Master a clear path thus far.  Without a doubt the actions of all involved were definitely treason.

3/   The IRS Debacle.  This is a good one!  As early as 2010, it appears that our legalized robber department, otherwise known as the IRS, was compiling a list of Patriot groups like the 9/12 ers,  The Save America Foundation, Tea Party organizations and other non-profit, tax exempt groups that dared to mention or talk about  the Bill of Rights or the Constitution!  This master list was then approved for use to intimidate, audit, terrorise, target and harass these groups with every thing the IRS could throw against them. I know this is true due to the harassment and threats from an out of control IRS accompanied by unreasonable, unjustified and unpayable fines that I had to deal with along with our long suffering Tax Specialist and tax accountant! (A big thank you to her!)  Now, the timing of the release of this story by the Obama Administration is suspicious as the Benghazi Gate investigations are gathering more and more speed and impetus.  The IRS story was released late on a Friday as per usual and I believe it was designed to hopefully take the pressure off Obama on Benghazi and may become wider in the scope as the story unfolds.  Sorry President Obama!  That will not work!

4.  The Unemployment Fiasco.   The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has stated that our unemployment rate is now just above 7%!  Hmm, I believe the true rate is somewhere between 16% and 20%.  You see, they manipulate the truth just like the good liars that we have come to expect from any Federal Agency! They do not count many different type of citizens that are not working, for example those that have given up looking for work, those who have not searched for work in the previous month, those unemployed after six month, part time employed due to being unable to find full time jobs. Lies and more lies.  The result of all this unemployment is a whole new generation of of people who are dependant on the Federal Government for hand outs, slaves to this Administration.  We see Obama Phones, Food Stamps and other programs which are out of control and contributing in a massive way to the financial collapse being engineered by Obama and his band of merry men and women.

5/  The Debt Crisis.  America now has just under $17, 000,000,000,000 of debt.  Please let that sink in. Seventeen trillion dollars.  Ten thousand Americans a day are turning 65 and are not contributing to the downward movement of this debt, which is very conservatively expected to grow by a further $7 trillion over the next decade.  I would hazzard a very safe bet that the figure will be closer to $12 trillion as Obama Care etc comes into play.  This is unsustainable, period.  The Debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has now surpassed 100%.   We owe more than any amount of revenue we can earn year after year.  Many of you think that China owns most of this debt, but you would be wrong.  The largest shareholder is YOU.  The single largest holder of national debt is the Social security Trust Fund.  The debt is in two categories, government controlled debt and public held debt.  If you add up the debt held by social security and other pension and retirement funds, over 30% of the debt is held in trust for these funds.  If the United States default, it is we, the people, that would lose the most.  This alone will generate another huge group of people that would become dependant on handouts from a huge Federal Government.  The amount owed by every man, woman and child as apart of this debt exceeds $200,000!  I bet our kids and grand kids will be happy with that huh?  I call this treason by any other name as this policy of successive administrations will ensure our slavery for many years to come and the destruction of the America left to us by our Founding Fathers.

TREASON, OBAMA…hand in hand.

I could go on and on but I am sure that all my readers are getting the picture I am trying to paint for you.  We are living in a part of our countries history that will either define this generation as slaves or free men.

This is a time in our history where we must, like alcoholics at an AA or NA recovery program, admit that we have a problem.

This is a time where we must shine and do whatever is needed to capture back our Constitutional Republic from the hands and the firm, desperate grasp of the One World Order, Marxists, Progressives, Communists, Traitors and Illuminati members.

This is a time and I believe the very last chance to be able to give our children and grand children a country that will enable them to live the American Dream, not one dreamt up by the likes of  the Rothschilds, George Soros and people of that ilk, under the auspices of a group like the United Nations, where your very existance is owed to the leadership who will dictate your every movement.

America, wake up please. I know more and more of you are daily, as witnessed by myself by the ever rising number of hits that this site gets, in excess of 100,000 a month from both here and abroad.  Time is really running very short, the United States of America becomes less and less united with every passing day and every action by this Administration.  We, as a people, are heading towards a life of bondage and servitude, but we will have no one else to blame except ourselves.  We have been asleep at the wheel and have allowed pure unmitigated evil to penetrate the deepest orifices of our Political and Judicial structure and system. Turn off the TV, turn off the radios, stop reading the left wing propaganda put out daily by the main stream media in what is supposed to pass as News papers.

Open your eyes and minds as God gave us the ability to do, pray deeply, hard and often and then start planning the rebirth of the greatest, the most exceptional nation ever seen upon this earth since its creation.  See what you can do for your Nation as opposed to what your Nation can do for you!  Lets place the Constitution where it should be, as the ultimate law of the land, unchanged and as pure as our Founding father wrote it.  It is NOT, I repeat, NOT, a living document to be changed by so called constitutional scholars like Barack Hussein Obama, who alone, I believe, broke the very rules of this fine document, the best ever written by mere man, by lying and deceiving the American people in order to grab power in a very fraudulent series of elections.

Just my opinion….Your humble scribe, Fred Brownbill.  Oath Keeper, III%er, proud American.

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3 Responses to We may be doomed America and there is Treason all around us .. An Opinion by Fred Brownbill.

  1. J.R. May 14, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Fred, It is great to be associated with this organization. Thank you for adding my contributions to your efforts to save this great nation. We struggle everyday against a ruthless, hellbent cabal of anti American Marxists that have been successful in their long march ahead through our institutions. That is the best way to describe it. Our children are being taught to hate this country simply so their teachers can keep their job. I have been saying this a long time, If one is not willing to put love of this country above all else then we will lose it. I for one am not sitting out on the sidelines.

    John Risselada
    Oath keeper

  2. Pastor Ron Budwine May 16, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    “Brother” Fred, excellent & well-worded article! Good work!


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