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The Dangers of Core Curriculum … J.Rizzola.



It seems that many people in the U.S. are aware that there is something fundamentally flawed with our public education system. State standardized testing does little more than allow our students to achieve what the government allows them to as they spend a majority of their time preparing for the… standardized test. This system is the result of something called “outcome based education” where students are essentially trained to perform certain tasks to a pre designated outcome instead of being trained how to think and solve problems. Learning how to perform to a certain standard and learning how to think independently are two different things. The former keeps them trapped in a box and seeking the help of others to solve problems instead of solving them on their own. It is the perfect system to implement if one is seeking to maintain control over a subordinate population. This is precisely the goal of public education. Our children are being turned into good little socialists and they don’t even know it.

If parents see the flaws in the state standardized testing than why is the country not enraged over the federal government’s attempt to nationalize education and implement federal standards? Why are we accepting a federally mandated standard when we already know that the state standards have failed? This seems to be a classic case of government creating the problem so they can offer the solution.

Federally mandated education standards should concern all parents for several reasons. One, the government fails at everything it does. They can’t even run a post office or manage our social security funds and they expect us to trust them with our children’s minds? Two, our government currently has more humanists, atheists, Marxists and Alinsky type radicals than ever before in our history. We actually have a federal government that has made it clear they have no intent of governing by the constitution. What this means is that the federally mandated curriculum, which was designed in part by none other than Bill Ayers will be a social justice curriculum. This government would rather see us merge with the United Nations than retain our own sovereignty. That’s the point folks, as per the goals of John Dewey, author of the Humanist Manifesto; our children are being conditioned to accept servitude to a world body of so called intellectual elite. A national, standardized curriculum is essential to achieving this vision.

What people need to understand is that this initiative goes beyond our own federal government and can be traced to the U.N. There is something called the U.N. Conventions on the Rights of a Child. (http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/jt200203/jtselect/jtrights/117/117.pdf) Most people will read that title and assume that children are obviously deserving of rights and will disregard it all together. This convention however puts the government in the position of granting the children their rights while depriving parents of their natural rights to parent. This treaty among other things declares that children have the right to an education. A government provided education that is. In Europe, parents have been arrested for years now simply for homeschooling their children. In fact one couple in particular was arrested for pulling their children out of government schools because they objected to the sexually explicit curriculum. Sound familiar? They were charged with depriving their child of their educational rights. In the United States we now have something called educational neglect. We also have some very vague home schooling laws. For instance, a child is not to be considered receiving an education if the home schooling is occurring after official school hours. We are also beginning to see many parents being arrested for breaking laws regarding a child’s rights to an education. In fact, a California appellate court ruled that there is no constitutional right for parents to home school their children in 2008. Another set of homeschooling parents found themselves being arrested because they have not had their children enrolled in public school for nearly seven years. It is important to note that studies have concluded that home schooled children are far better adjusted and better prepared to face the challenges of today’s world than those educated in public schools. That stands to reason because being educated by parents that know their children seems to be the natural order, as opposed to being educated by people with an agenda.

What can we expect from a federally mandated curriculum? As stated above, this author believes that it will revolve around social justice issues and multicultural education. How has that worked out for our European counterparts? The Europeans have all but lost their culture to the Muslims. Multicultural education, white privilege, collectivization, social justice, these are all Marxist concepts designed to beat down the main stream culture. Here in the U.S. while our kids are being trained to believe that they are privileged and racist our borders are left wide open and illegal immigration is turning us into a third world country, as is the goal. Do you honestly believe that the influx of immigrants and white privilege education are not happening simultaneously for a reason? A federally mandated curriculum will only ensure that everyone coming out of public education is indoctrinated into the same self destructive world view, while those privileged enough to attend private schools will be learning how to implement the curriculum upon the masses. Yet here we are taking it, just like we take everything else. Welcome to the brave new world.

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