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Obama on social security cardBackground: I am 80 years old with a high-school education and 62 years of a “life” school education. Fortified by my Faith I humbly submit the below narrative as factual and, more importantly, trustful.
                                           “No person except a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the
                                             time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the office of President..”
                                                                             Article II, Section I,U.S.Constitution.
     Four years ago, I received an e-mail from Israel, stating that Barack Obama’s birth certificate appeared to be a fraudulent document. Four years later, after exhaustive research it is clear the document which he used in 2008 to deceive America into believing he was a “natural-born” American citizen was a fraudulent creation of a limited document, a Certification of Live Birth(COLB), not a Certificate of Live Birth, the valid document for anyone claiming Presidential eligibility. Obama, a former Constitutional teacher, knew he was not eligible to seek the Presidency yet deliberately deceived America, usurping our Constitution.
     As a Catholic, I could not, in good conscience, vote for him, a man who found no problem if a woman chose to abort a child and, also, if that child survived the abortion, left it to die with no life-saving efforts made to save it. Moral conscience, not facial color, drove me to pursue the “eligibility” issue.
                                               OATH TAKING IS A SERIOUS MATTER-I SWEAR IT
     Barack Obama acts not as a servant of the People but as their master. Never “vetted” ,I repeat,,never “vetted” but simply declared eligible for the Presidency by the Democratic Party, he has fought anyone questioning his eligibility, as for example: those protesting his use of a fraudulent, invalid COLB; an Army Officer, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, a Bronze Star recipient and leading flight surgeon charges with caring for the Chief-of-Staff’s pilots and air crews, who twice wrote Obama(ignored), asking him to clarify his status, a status now being challenged nationwide by millions; Obama’s silence hastened a court-martial for refusing to accept a second military mid-east assignment until Obama responded to his requests, resulting in a dishonorable discharge, loss of all pay and benefits and imprisonment; also, Obama’s attorneys fought against various court actions in which subpoenas ordering him to appear in court with a valid birth certificate were ignored and/or flatly refused by him. The Democratic Party, to its everlasting shame, failed to insist that he provide documentation confirming his eligibility, which might mend, one way or another, a divided Nation. Instead, it ridicules and dismisses all who dare question Obama’s eligibility, even going as far as to claim “racial intolerance” as motivating the questioners. I wonder if Herman Cain, Alan Keyes,etc. are included in their condemnation. Shameful, too, the conduct of the Republican Party, many of whom, along with Democratic counterparts considered the “legitimacy issue” as “insignificant”. Thank God there was no TV at Lexington, Concord or Valley Forge or the resolve of the Continental Army might not have survived after hearing such supporters. Ironically, Obama himself considered the issue so significant that after initially keeping his records secret(until public pressure for “transparency” prevailed) he allowed his fraudulent COLB to pass for a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to deceive America. Only in 2011, when States began insisting on seeing a valid Certificate of Live Birth before the 2012 election did Obama, realizing his COLB would no longer pass scrutiny now come up with a new document, a supposed copy of a long-form Certificate of Live Birth, which he posted on a government website but would not allow the Hawaiian Dept.of Health to release their “supposed” copy for public scrutiny and verification. Was it because there are so many birth certificates in his hospital files that finding an appropriate one for the occasion would be too time-consuming? Or, if one was located which perfectly matched Obama’s recently “found” long-form Certificate of Live Birth, it would make both fraudulent. Since he was now allowing his long-form copy to be viewed(from afar) by the Public there would be only two reasons to conceal the Dept.of Health copy from America. The first would be that by concealing it no one could compare it to his fraudulent copy. The second reason….the Dept.of Health has no such document. Either way, Obama’s deception would be unmasked. Coincidentally, there are Democratic representatives currently trying to have a resolution passed which would permanently seal all Obama’s Presidential records from the Public eye. Do we need a house to fall on us to understand his desperate efforts for secrecy?
                                                          THE PLOT “SICKENS”
     Months ago, Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie stated he personally knew the Obama family, was certain of his eligibility and would prove it with a copy of the Health Dept. birth certificate. A few days later, he had to admit that nothing could be found to confirm Obama’s birth in Hawaii; nothing except an obscure file containing some birth names, including the name of a Barack Obama; no “Certificate of Live Birth” or even a “Certification of Live Birth”COLB), the same document which Obama claimed matched his Daily Kos posting. How does one photocopy a non-existing document? The Governor’s fruitless search contradicted Obama’s claim of having provided proof of his status. No problem-the White House simply announced that they had now received another document, entitled “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Hawaiian Dept.of Health, bearing more details than previously disclosed. Where was this document for over two and one-half years while people were requesting it and having his COLB waived in their faces in response? Was it lost until the Governor stated that Hawaii had no record of it and then conveniently found after he returned to his office, or, was it, as more and more computer experts declared, another fraudulent document as was his COLB previously posted on the Daily Kos site? I must pause to congratulate Gov.Abercrombie for his candid admission that no actual birth certificate of any kind was located.
                                                              A LITANY OF LIES
     In May, 2011, Obama claimed the Hawaiian Health Dept had “located” his long-form “Certificate of Live Birth”. General Colin Powell(ret.) then told South Carolina University graduates that he “particularly enjoyed when President Obama took out his birth certificate copy and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers.” What an insulting and uninformed remark. What Obama actually “took out” was his fraudulent “Certificate of Live Birth”, a document previously unmentioned, unseen and never before offered as proof of his eligibility. Remember, in 2008, he said his COLB matched the Health Dept.copy, which would make both COLB’S and therefore, both ineligible. Now he claims his newly found long-form certificate also matches the Health Dept. copy, a clear contradiction and physical impossibility. Two fraudulent birth certificates do not add up to a legitimate one. Since his 2011 copy was also branded fraudulent by experts,he no longer allows anyone to examine the Health Dept. document (if any). This includes General Powell, whose blind acceptance of Obama’s copy was followed with ignoring an offer of the “Birthers Summit” organization of $15,000 for allowing them three hours to challenge Obama’s 2011 claim and hear the General’s response.
     John Jay convinced George Washington to include in The Constitution (Article II) a provision limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens, so no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance could adversely influence the office of President, a requirement casually ignored by many in today’s political arena. By deliberately withholding access to virtually every document bearing his name plus criminally offering a false COLB and a more recent false “Certificate of Live Birth”, Obama has cloaked his eligibility in secrecy. What Jay feared has come to pass! Recently, on National TV, America accidentally overheard Obama telling his subordinates to “find a way around The Constitution”, this from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend it. Deception, with a Capital D.
     Here are more shining examples of Obama’s “transparency”:Globe Magazine offered him $100,000 to help African-American students meet tuition expenses if he would produce a valid birth certificate. Obama did not even give Globe the courtesy of a reply….and the students received nothing; Again-Donald Trump recently offered Obama $5,000,000 (that’s five million dollars) for charities of his choice if he would produce a valid birth certificate for public scrutiny, but, as in Globe’s offer, Obama did not answer Mr.Trump. Truly, a guilty conscience needs no accuser. Its actions alone convict it.
                                                                   WHAT THE MAJOR MEDIA FORGOT TO REPORT
     Obama’s family was divided between two different hospitals of Obama’s birth. These counter-claims were later amended to one hospital. By the hospitals? No….by Obama simply informing Kapi’olani Hospital that it was his birth place. Not only did Kapi”olani not confirm this but no hospital, I repeat, no Hawaiian hospital to date will confirm his birth in their facility!  One would expect the birth hospital of the first black American President would proudly display or acknowledge such an auspicious event but none have. Racist hospitals? Who dares to so infer?
       Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona sent a special task force to Hawaii on their own time and expense to verify Obama’s status and concluded that his birth documents were fraudulent yet Media representatives attending the presentations of their findings were only interested in questioning his team’s motives for pursuing this issue, not the issue itself.
         Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin was told by the General conducting his court-martial that he could not introduce anything which “might embarass the President” into his court-martial defense. Too bad someone in the Media didn’t pass on to the General these words spoken by Obama in Aug,2010 (Newsday-New York newspaper): “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.”  If they had, Lt.Col.Lakin would have walked out of that courtroom an innocent man with a Nation’s thanks for upholding his oath, but, due to the secrecy of Obama and the Media he didn’t.
          In the history of our Nation, only one Commander-in-Chief has deliberately concealed the existence (or non-existence) of a valid “Certificate of Live Birth”. His name….Barack Obama!. A man whose national allegiance is unknown to the American People is governing us and our military, determining our future survival (or demise) yet that fact is quietly kept secret by MSNBC,fOX,CNN,etc. Only Organizations like World Net Daily and a few others, to their credit, have carried these stories. Not one major media outlet offers a legitimate argument in defense of Obama. When responding to challengers questions silence, sarcasm or suppression represents their  position.
                                                                          NO STANDING
            The above phrase, “no standing” has become a mantra for dismissing approx.100 legal challenges to Barack Obama’s Presidential eligibility. How many citizens must be affected before “standing” is acknowledged? During the Revolutionary War a British major, John Andre, was stopped by a few Continental Army sentries, searched and found with a secret diagram of West Point’s defenses which he was taking back to the British lines. Imagine if an American judge had then ruled that a few sentries didn’t constitute a sufficient quantity with “standing” to warrant indicting Major Andre as a spy and, therefore, the incriminating diagram could not be admitted into a courtroom! Had that happened we might have lost a fort and possibly a war. Today, however, with an ineligible man in the White House, we now face losing an entire Nation!
             Some politicians speak of Obama’s fraudulent actions in seizing the Presidency as “dead” issues when, in fact, he is killing our Republic. The last I knew there was no “statute of limitation” for murder.
                                                                          IN CLOSING
               I pray that America will realize Obama, by his actions and intentions, is undermining our Faiths, our Constitution and our Country. Please contact your elected representatives and voice your concern for Truth and Justice. Let the election boards of every State know that if they certify Obama as legitimately being re-elected they will be condoning his deception for the second time. There is an old but true proverb: “Better late than never but better never late.” Sadly, we are already late and it’s not getting any better. We must recover our Country from the man who stole it with a birth certificate that never was!

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  1. ASK Esq February 12, 2013 at 12:33 am #

    There was too much to get into here, but, just so you know, everything you said here was a complete lie. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are not a very good example of your faith.

    • Fred Brownbill February 12, 2013 at 3:25 am #

      Ask esq: yet another liberal without a name!! Sir/Maam, There are none so blind as those who will not see. Until you open your eyes and mind you will always just be a kook aid drinking, blind Obama/Marxist supporter whose country is slowly being destroyed by an usurper, murderer and traitor.

    • jkdriss February 12, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

      Elaborate on your position would you please? What exactly is a lie? Would you know the truth if you even saw it? I mean lets face it, people like you act as if your morality is on a higher level than ours and you devote a great portion of your day trying to demonize us without ever offering any proof of your belief. Then in typical Marxist fashion, you do know what Marxism is dont you? You take your tactics turn them around a little and accuse us of using them against you. Get a life. Prove that Obamas birth certificate is real. Prove it, dont just call people here a liar because they can back their position with a credible argument that you would rather not face up to. Grow a pair and engage in a civil discussion as your Marxist hero would say.

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