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Happy Thanksgiving! … By Karen Schoen


The time has come to take a deep breath, spend time with God, your family and clear your head. Let’s say a prayer for ourselves, our families, our troops, America and Israel.  Then let’s make a decision to start now, today, to be Free Americans. Let’s stop the great divide and really make the effort to come together.
We know the plan. We have seen it often enough: make the people feel guilty and frightened.  The people will give up their freedom and money so the Elite can live lavish lifestyles.
We know the method the Elite uses to implement the plan: lie, divide and conquer.
The Elite lie, call us names, tell us to be politically correct and we put our heads down in shame.
The Elite thinks we are stupid. They tell us this every chance they get. The tell in the media, at meetings, correspondences and conventions. They have great names for us:  sheeple, useful idiots, human capital, worker bees.
The Elite present their factless plan, Agenda 21, then tell us we will do more for less, they will control everything. We must bend to their wishes, they know best. We should ride bikes and walk while they drive cars and use private jets. We must give up our land so they can live in mansions. They foreclose on our homes so they can get bonuses. We believe what they say and we submit and feel useless.
They tell us that the rocks and trees and animals are our equal.  How stupid is that??? Should we teach our dogs to drive and the hamsters to write legislation?
At their behest, pedophilia and immorality has become the norm. Our children have become their manipulated toys, and their slaves incapable of independent thought. Students are only capable of working in the government job selected in advance as their life is now predetermined by technology in the new one size shoe fits all common core indoctrination. And so under their rule just as the populace did in ancient times, we have sacrificed our children. They more thing change they more they remain the same.
They tell us the goal is to irradiate hunger and poverty by using propaganda playing on our goodness. We have paid and paid while they get richer and richer. The America people have become the gift that keeps on giving. Think, exactly where is the $2Billion for Haiti. Bill, George?? The UN ?? Certainly not Haiti.
We know the goal of sustainability is to destroy rural areas. But did you think of this: Rural areas are Republican. Urban areas are democratic. Yes, Republicans, you are the useful idiots they call you. You  are creating your own demise.  Sustainability is not about saving the planet, it is about building a bigger democratic base.  Just look at a map.
They tell us there are no facts, there is no truth and the only reality is that which the government tells us to believe.  Well, I will not comply with that I know not to be true. 
I will not be politically correct. I will talk about politics and religion, I will stop supporting the businesses and industries that are hell bent on destroying America. I will not shop so they can replenish their bank accounts with my money since they donated theirs for this election.
I will not become a global citizen.  I am an American and I am not ashamed.
I will talk to everyone and only speak the truth no matter what name they call me. I will define my words and ask them to define theirs. I will go to meetings and demand facts, costs and ask questions like who pays and who profits (gets the rewards).  I will ask for scientific evidence and feasibility studies.
I will refuse to go back to the Roman empire of immorality where the leader fiddled and Senate had orgies. Where sanity was not an option. Where there are no facts, there is no truth and the only reality is provided by the government. I will not join the new world order.  I will not comply.
But for now I am thankful and you should be too.  
I am thankful to be part of the AgEnders, Americans who will tell the truth at all costs. 
In the last month more attention has been paid to Agenda 21 than in the 20 years prior. So much so that the UN just put out a website begging people to write to their editors and support UN Agenda 21.  You remember what that is? It is the Agenda that didn’t exist, the plan to control every aspect of human activity that doesn’t exist. When I saw that site,
> http://www.unausa.org/advocacy/advocacy-resources/agenda-21
I know we will win.  It will not be easy after all it took them 100 years but we will win because we have the truth.   Yes write to your editors but tell the truth.
They believe there are no facts, there is no truth, the only reality is provided by the government.
What if we demanded the facts and the truth? They will lose their reality because their reality does not exist.
Knowing that this is the way to win, the question is, will we all work together?  Can we become the United States. We know as long as they divide, they can conquer.  As long as we unite, we can win. There is more of us than them. Can we unite?
We are thankful for Glenn Beck for actually using the words Agenda 21 on national television.
We are thankful Agenda 21 is “out of the closet”.  Please go onto the Glenn Beck web site: http://www.glennbeck.com/agenda21/  go to step 3 and tell Glenn, Thank you and tell him how hard we are fighting to tell the truth. Tell him about the AgEnders, agenda21today.com and the bills we will get passed to protect our great country.  Buy Glenn’s book.
We are thankful for Dick Morris and the fact that he wrote a book, exposed the UN treaties and Agenda21 tweet Dick:  @dickmorristweet  Tell him about the AgEnders and agenda21today.com and thank him as well. Buy Dick’s book.
We are thankful for Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr Michael Coffman, Tom DeWeese, Henry Lamb, Michael Chapman, Mike Shaw, JBS and all of the AgEnders all across America who are telling the truth and will not stop until America is returned to We The People. We are thankful for our soldiers who are working against all odds to keep us free. Thank you all for recognizing Freedom is not Free.  
I will not be politically correct. Will you?
I will get educated, tell the truth, have conversations and ACT. Will you?
I will not buy the lies, I will not comply. Will you?
I will unite, will you?  Join us on agenda21today.com
Your first assignment is to follow those 3 tasks below and join us on a conference call on Wednesday night at 9:30 EST.  Information is on agenda21today.com
We have a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy your holiday. Rest. Our work has just begun. Remember:
VICTORY is our only option.
God Bless you and God Bless America.
Karen Schoen and the wonderful team of AgEnders

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