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FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! Presented by Victoria Baer

FEMA Boxcars

FEMA Camp Boxcars with Shackles!



I am really getting tired of FEMA and their crap and most of all I am getting tired of Americans NOT understanding

What is going on in this country!!!!   Apparently Gunderson steel has been doing this since 04… with Bush Jr.


FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! THE FACTS-GUNDERSON PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES-A REPORT Here is a summary of the previous information circulating about Gunderson’s PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES from previous reports circulating all over the nation on this subject, which I have written. BRENT GUNDERSON is challenging my information. CAN YOU PROVE HIM WRONG??? Many people have raised skeptical questions about reports of prisoner BOXCARS AND SHACKLES being sighted across America. Some people think that they are only reported originally through Phil Schnieder in a Patriot interview. Recently, someone erroneously reported that MY information on them originated from Phil Schnieder. WRONG! My research and documentation on the boxcars and shackles goes far beyond Phil´s interview. Long before I heard of him, I had eyewitness information on these boxcars. A van full of eyewitnesses, missionaries traveling across America to evangelize and pray, stumbled across these boxcars in Montana, near Columbia Falls in Glacier. They described boxcars, in this case painted black, with shackles welded into them and a modern guillotine at the head of each boxcar inside. As they were photographing mountain scenery, they decided to follow railroad tracks into the wilderness so as to not get lost. This is how they came upon these boxcars with shackles. I later received a report from Lee Harrington of Valier, MT, who was a professional metal worker. He told me how in Glascow, MT, summer youth workers were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in that operation. They were then shipped west to Glacier and stored on remote sidetracks. Passing through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Cutbank, a local Blackfoot Indian, George Bullcalf, spotted these strange boxcars. When I interviewed local Patriots in Columbia Falls, they confirmed that hunters often stumbled upon such boxcars on remote train spurs in that wilderness region. I THEN TRAVELED TO PORTLAND OREGON, and lectured in the home of an actual employee of GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION. The wife of this high level executive called this meeting personally to make a public admission. In the meeting were OTHER GUNDERSON EMPLOYEES who had witnessed the prisoner boxcars in the higher than normal, three floor/three tier prisoner boxcars. She admitted that her husband finally told her that GUNDERSON WAS UNDER SECRET CONTRACT FROM THE US GOVERNMENT TO PRODUCE THESE PRISONER BOXCARS. She also admitted that Gunderson had a satellite factory for a boxcars with shackles operation in Texas. I called Col. Jim Ammerman in Texas, famous military Patriot-lecturer against martial law, and told him about this. He replied, “A friend of mine who is a metal welder called me recently, and said he had gone to apply for a job in offered in Texas for welding. When he was told that it involved WELDING SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS, he declined the job!” I later interviewed Russian immigrants in this area who admitted that some of their people were working at Gunderson, and one young man, Sasha, admitted working on prisoner boxcars and described them completely to his Russian Christian friends there. THE RUSSIAN COMMMUNITY NOW KNOWS ABOUT THEM AND IS VERY AFRAID OF THE IMPLICATIONS!!! Many Russians still work there. Another source, WATCHDOG, a retired military vet with a watchdog group, described yet another boxcar with shackles operation in New Hampshire, with three tiered boxcars fitted with shackles. Metal worker Lee Harrington also described 20,000 CHINESE prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines, in the form of 40 foot railroad containers, coming into America via the west coast. They were ordered by the American government through a Senator who visited China and ordered these items. Workers unloading them became suspicious and began to investigate and discovered these horrors from China. Such 40 foot cargo containers from China are now piled up along the West Coast, especially around Long Beach Naval Shipyard, turned over the Chinese. I receive constant reports across America regarding these types of prisoner boxcars from former radio listeners and Patriots across America…and Canada. Recently, a former high level satanist from the mountains of North Carolina, now a Christian and receiving discipleship, admitted that boxcars with shackles were indeed in the mountains of NC and waiting for the hour of martial law. (Asheville, NC) He warned that many Patriots and Christians arrested and secured into these prisoner boxcars under martial law will never even make it to the death camps..that many will be tortured and sacrificed once restrained in these prisoner boxcars.

See More


So I decided to do some more googling…and apparently I am NOT the only one… go to google and put in “GUNDERSON PRISONER BOXCARS” and see all the articles… also note how google does their word search assist and lets you see the choices…that

Is telling you that thousands are googling those words or it would not have an assist (as in guessing the term you are searching for!)






“We saw all these people behind the fence, looking out, hanging onto the wire, and looking out
because they were anxious to know who was coming in. But I will never forget the shocking feeling
that human beings were behind this fence like animals [crying]. And we were going to also lose our
freedom and walk inside of that gate and find ourselves . . . cooped up there . . . when the gates were
shut, we knew that we had lost something that was very precious; that we were no longer free.”
~~~ Mary Tsukamoto ~~~

Justice Prisoner & Alien
Transportation System (JPATS)

Wondering how you and your family were going to get to camp? Right now the only way that the government will cop to is J.P.A.T.S. We’ll explore other possibilities including white boxcars, buses and such but first…

In 1995, the air fleets of the Marshals Service and the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) merged to create the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS). The merger created a more efficient and effective system for transporting prisoners and criminal aliens. Operated by the Marshals Service, JPATS is one of the largest transporters of prisoners in the world – handling hundreds of requests every day to move prisoners between judicial districts, correctional institutions and foreign countries.

The JPATS supports the federal judiciary by scheduling and transporting prisoners to courts and detention facilities around the country, including sentenced prisoners who are in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The JPATS transports ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) criminal and administrative aliens to hearings, court appearances and detention facilities. The JPATS also provides regular international flights for the removal of deportable aliens. Military, state and local law enforcement agencies use JPATS to shuttle their prisoners between different jurisdictions at a significant costs savings to them.

On average, more than 270,000 prisoner and alien movements a year are completed by JPATS. A network of aircrafts, cars, vans and buses accomplishes these coordinated movements.

The JPATS operates a fleet of aircraft, which move prisoners over longer distances more economically and with higher security than commercial airlines. Nearly all air movements are done aboard aircraft that the Marshals Service owns or leases, including Boeing 727s, MD-82s, DC 9s, Boeing 737-400s, Boeing 737-800s and several smaller jets. Ground transportation is performed by the Marshals Service, ICE and BOP.

The JPATS airplanes comprise the only government-operated, regularly-scheduled passenger airline in the nation. The JPATS routinely serves approximately 40 cities, plus every other major city in the United States on an as-required basis.

Detailed itineraries are required to ensure that each prisoner appears in court at the designated time. The JPATS scheduling function is located in Kansas City, MO. Air fleet operations are located in Oklahoma City, OK, with hubs in: Alexandria, LA; Mesa, AZ; Anchorage, AK; and the Virgin Islands.

In addition to JPATS the CIA has a fleet of Gulfstream V’s for secret kidnappings!


Alternative Transportation




Before we begin let me first say that, unlike the rest of this site, I can not confirm any of the following try as I might. It all may be true or it all may be a delusion. This info can be found on both left and right wing Internet sites, which make it the universal conspiracy theory? Along with this comes tales of UN or NATO troops currently training on US military bases to help US troops with rounding up all us liberals and other trouble makers. In addition to the above mentioned JPATS this group includes enough “special” white and black boxcars to hold 15 million US citizens plus another 20,000 boxcars we bought from China. Not to mention “white buses” and trucks pulling portable jails beyond that point it gets down right silly. Still considering what we’ve witnessed as well as what the US government has done to people in the past this is something you should at least be aware of. To see a satellite imagine of a prisoner train complete with white box cars go to Google Maps and put in the code: 48.238048,-113.530778 you can’t go above the second click down.



From a talk by Phil Schneider: “Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me ‘they’re building prisoner cars.’ He was nervous. Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government. No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is’”technocracy’, not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism. It has nothing to do with the republic of the United States….I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving the people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I’ll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it’s worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities.” [Within a year, Paul Schneider was assassinated.]


a. Gunderson Steel Fabrication holds the federal contract for the 100,000+ shackle-mounted boxcars.

b. In 2000, BUSH as candidate makes his way to VISIT Gunderson Steel Fabrication (IN TEXAS), (ostensibly (alibi) to give a t.v. speech about social security. Why a speech on social security had to be conducted from a shackled-boxcar manufacturing site, only Bush will know for sure…) “…Gunderson Steel Fabrication is under secret contract from the U.S. government to produce these prisoner boxcars. The company received an order from the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad boxcars with the shackles inside. Gunderson has a satellite factory for making the boxcars with shackles in Texas. Interestingly, Gunderson became the launching pad where then-presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush introduced his plan for social security reform on May 16, 2000, a major part of the current president’s platform. Apparently, Mr. Bush has some special personal relation with Gunderson.”

c. 11 SUBCONTRACTORS IN SHACKLED-BOXCAR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Quotes taken from a lecture given by the late Philip Schneider, ex-NATO geologist who gave up his 1 million dollar a year retirement salary, who has blown the whole New World Order wide open. He is assassinated less than one year after he started talking, after many failed attempts to ‘re-hire’ him. He was told he was doing ‘irrevocable’ damage to the New World Order by US intelligence agents who visited him in his Portland, Oregon apartment. ”


“Metal worker Lee Harrington also described 20,000 CHINESE prisoner boxcars with shackles and modern guillotines, in the form of 40 foot railroad containers, coming into America via the west coast. They were ordered by the American government through a Senator who visited China and ordered these items. Workers unloading them became suspicious and began to investigate and discovered these horrors from China. Such 40 foot cargo containers from China are now piled up along the West Coast, especially around Long Beach Naval Shipyard, turned over the Chinese.”

e. NORTH AMERICANS, CANADA AND THE USA, MEET YOUR IMPORTED CRACK TEAM OF OCCUPATION TROOPS, ALREADY WELL TRAINED: INTERVIEW WITH SOME GERMAN NATO M.P.s who verify they were trained for future American marshal law plans. They mention German troops stationed in USA at Fort Bliss, Texas and Holloman AFB (New Mexico). These troops are formally associated with NATO, which has morphed in the past 10 years to become your (un)friendly post Cold War pre-emptive internationalized Nazi-esque attack organization, responsible for attacking Yugoslavia (illegal, under its own charter), and culpable in Iraq in 2003. They describe their training, and, they refuse to answer some pointed questions about whether they would fire to kill on American citizens. To this question, they refuse to answer this by losing all eye contact with the interviewer, cutting off the interview, getting gruff and stiff, turning, and simply walking off.


a. Reports from Lee Harrington of Valier, MT, who was a professional metal worker informed us of Glascow, MT, summer youth workers who were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in that operation.

b. They were then shipped west to Glacier and stored on remote sidetracks. Passing through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Cutbank, a local Blackfoot Indian, George Bullcalf, spotted these strange boxcars, some with open doors and shackles, plainly visible, passing through the reservation. Interviews conducted in Columbia Falls confirmed that hunters often stumbled upon such boxcars on remote train spurts in that wilderness region.


“Another source, WATCHDOG, a retired military vet with a watchdog group, described yet another boxcar with shackles operation in New Hampshire, with three tiered boxcars fitted with shackles.”


“Reports from our sources also confirm that railroad boxcars fitted with shackles have been spotted in many locations throughout the U.S. in recent months, most prominently in Montana and Texas (including recent sightings in Asheville, N.C.).”


Please visit the other ‘camp sites’ and tell me what you think via the email. I’d really like to hear from you!
(c) 2012

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22 Responses to FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles! Presented by Victoria Baer

  1. William Flatt October 21, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    I wrote a book in the late 1990′s called Gulag Amerika, which covered this issue about the Boxcars for Detention Camps. This is nothing new; the dates given here are off the mark, and the ORIGINAL source was Pamela Schuffert. The tall railcars depicted here are ‘autorailers’, which hold up to three tiers of any type of civilian cars, SUVs, vans or pickups. The so-called “shackles” are actually steel tie-down points for securing the cargo.

    Given the fact that railroads have only a fraction of the trackage that they had 40 years ago, it is not the most efficient mover of people, and since centralized locations for the loading of ANY type of rail cargo creates ‘targets’ for any resistance movement, it is unrealistic at best to presume this scheme will be used extensively. If the growing police state decides to cart away all the patriots, the more likely transportation scheme would be ‘comex’ container boxes, because of their proven utility in intermodal transportation.

    However, I am disappointed by the fact that so many people stubbornly persist in repeating bad information, even when presented with the confirmed truth. For example, many people insist on reporting ‘crematoria’ at the ‘closed Amtrak facility’ in the Beech Grove community of southeastern Indianapolis, Indiana. First, the car shops are the ONLY locomotive repair & car fabrication facility that Amtrak has. It is being actively used, not sitting vacant in anticipation of “an American holocaust”. Second, the repair facility has NO crematoria; Amtrak has given tours of the facility, in the past, to groups like the Boy Scouts. As a former scoutmaster and railroad employee, I know. So, you can see for yourself there’s NO SUCH thing there. If you want to see a real, operating example of a federal facility that receives, detains, executes and cremates prisoners, you need to travel to Terre Haute, Indiana and see the federal prison there. This is the place where OKC bombing patsy Timothy McVeigh was executed.

    Lastly, there’s a reason why this bad information has been put out there. It is called information warfare, and the purpose is to misdirect people from the truth while also destroying credibility. Anyone who uncritically reports the disinformation has their credibility tarnished, as does the credibility of their organization. The larger target is the credibility of the movement, and publishing disinfo allows the police state propaganda ministry (aka the mainstream media) to attack, marginalize, and demonize the movement. So thank you, Mr. Brownbill, for doing the other side a huge favor.

    This is not to say that the federal government doesn’t have plans to round up American dissidents, you just have to do your own research. Strategic planning documents like ENDGAME (yes, it does sound like ‘final solution’), or Army FM 3-19.40 ‘Internment Resettlement Operations’, or the Army’s regulations for ‘Civilian Inmate Labor Programs’. Or how about the 1 billion (yes, with a ‘B’) – 1 BILLION ROUNDS of hollowpoint ammo that DHS has purchased for domestic, non-military use. This includes hundreds of millions of rounds of .40 hollowpoint, 5.56 rifle ammo, .308 sniper grade rifle ammo, and even some quantities of .50 caliber ‘big boy’ ammo. This stuff is not practice ammunition, and because so much of it is hollowpoint, it is banned by the Geneva Convention and federal law for use by our troops, so no it’s not going to the military. This info has been reported by the Patriot alternative media and confirmed independently. If you want to fact-check it for yourself, search for the articles as they appear on sites like infowars.com or theintelhub.com – and then follow their links to the FedBizOpps website showing the original purchase orders. That’s what REAL journalists call “checking your sources” or “verifying the citations’.

    Perhaps with so many grassroots, tea-party styled patriot groups online, the submission of news stories has to be accomplished by citizen journalists with no professional journalism background. I am not a journalist, although I have taken some journalism classes in college and worked on the campus paper many years ago. But… anyone with a post-secondary education should be getting this without having to take a single course!

    The point being, if all this stuff is really being done by the government – and the evidence is overwhelming – from the ammo purchases to the dismantling of our liberties, from the creation of a nightmare totalitarian police state system to the preparation of concentration camps for American dissidents – this should be awakening patriots to the need to join the constitutional militia in their state, or at least becoming an active material supporter. Otherwise, we can expect to see these prisoner transports with depressing frequency!

    At what point are Americans willing to stand up and fight against tyranny with arms and sweat rather than soda and keyboard? We are told by the timid and the collaborator that we ‘must never resort to violence’, yet violence is already being done to us! The great 19th century abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, said famously: “The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” So, how much tyranny are YOU willing to endure? How much tyranny are you willing to bequeath to your children – and their children?

    One final point – the enemies of liberty control our society’s institutions, but most important, they have control over the results of elections. As Joseph Stalin noted, “It’s not who votes that counts, but rather who counts the votes”. Do you expect to achieve change peacefully when they control all the mechanisms you would use to accomplish that? What can you expect to do when every avenue of redress is denied to you? John F. Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”. To steal a phrase from civil rights figure Malcolm X, “It’s either the ballot or the bullet”. But this is not a call to overthrow our lawful government; it has in fact already been overthrown. Nothing in government today operates according to the Constitution, and nothing in government today would be recognizable to our nation’s founding fathers – at least as far as the Constitution is concerned. However, the founders would nonetheless recognize our government for what it is… and what it IS …is tyranny writ large. And resistance to tyranny is obedience to God, according to Thomas Jefferson, author of our Declaration of Independence. If you truly want to save America – not the material America, that’s already collapsing – but save the thing about America that makes America great, then you must be prepared to FIGHT for Liberty.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” (Jefferson) …preferably tyrants, but it’s also past time.

    • Fred Brownbill October 21, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

      Thank you for this informative reply William, and for your interest in the Save America Foundation.

      • William Flatt October 21, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

        Thank You, sir, for replying! And be assured I will definitely check it all out!

    • Mitch September 6, 2013 at 12:23 am #

      Who dreams this shit up ???? These are the new AUTO RACKS, They’re called AUTO-MAX. They’re used by the railroads to transport new CARS & TRUCKS !!!!!! The so-called shackles (LMAO) are to tie down the vehicles to secure them from movement.

  2. ANIMALAURA November 24, 2012 at 4:38 pm #



  3. Jimmy Jack February 10, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    My 2 cents worth. I have spent some time reading about the various things the government is doing. My belief is the government is preparing for mass civil unrest. I think it’s easy for folks to get concerned/worried/scared of ulterior motives. After much thought and analysis I came up with another possibility. I do believe we are in a precarious place in our country’s state of being. I also believe the government is more aware of this than most. I feel if we have a currency crisis (or another type of disruption) we may experience mass civil unrest. I think the biggest potential for unrest will be major cities. If there are any types of shortages (food, utilities) things could get ugly very quickly. I personally believe the government is preparing to do what they can to preserve order in such a scenario. Think what you would do if you were in charge and you were aware that the possibility of such a scenario was growing. Imagine a major city with millions of people in desperation. What would you do? How would you prepare to maintain peace and control of such a situation. I know many folks will discredit my theory (because it does not fit the “government is trying to take us out line of thinking”) but I think most folks after some deliberation will come to the same conclusions. I bring all this up because if such a scenario did play out how do we protect ourselves and our families. There are many informative sites dedicated to just that so I will not try to pretend to be an authority on the subject. But I would encourage folks to spend some time playing out the possible events and position themselves in a way to survive them.

  4. Tom February 13, 2013 at 3:50 am #

    Your opinion stating rail cars would be inefficient and a target for opposition because rail lines would be an easy target, is inaccurate. I do not know if these rail cars exist but if the cars have beheading devices in them, they would not need to transport persons anywhere. these cars could be moved by rail only one time to positions throughout the country and once in place, do not need to move persons anywhere. they can simply be used as a holding cell while putting people to death.
    As far as the three tiered automobile carriers, why are they not moving cars? Trains pass through my town constantly while transporting automobiles from the ports of Fort Lauderdale and Miami and I have not seen a single 3 tiered car carrier. Furthermore, automobile carrying train cars are perforated and you can see through them.

  5. Cap March 13, 2013 at 6:56 am #

    You do realize that these railcars are used to transport automobiles, right? And that the “shackles” are the tiedown points to keep those vehicles from moving in transit? Nowhere in your report do you mention the actual use for these railcars, that’s why I figured I’d point it out. Also, autoracks (this what they’re called outside the conspiracy theory world) tend to sit stored during auto factory downtime, especially post-recession where less automobiles are being produced. In fact, since 2008 many of these, uh, “boxcars” have been scrapped, so I’m not sure where your figure of 100,000 new cars comes from- the supply well met the demand before any mythical orders from the government. I realize this is far less glamorous reality than the one you put forth, and for that I apologize, but the world of railroading is far less nefarious than you think, and I’m not even going to touch all that Beech Grove nonsense!

    • Fred Brownbill March 13, 2013 at 9:44 am #

      And the world is flat and Obama is not a Marxist! Whatever!

    • Fred Brownbill March 13, 2013 at 9:44 am #

      And the world is flat and Obama is not a Marxist! Whatever!

  6. its me March 22, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    If they r jst boxcars y is there a beheader n them??

  7. Bill Dobbins May 15, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    I did business with a gentleman in CO. I am in TN. He said he had talked to welders who welded in the shackles as he is a building contractor. He was told they were welded in allowing you to stand as close as they could cram people in. He went to a republican breakfast 2 weeks ago and called me. Their guest speaker was the man who owns the company who makes the drones. He said the reason for the change on ultra lite altitudes was because they were afraid of them hitting each other. He said drones had been watching the US in certain areas for about 10 yrs. & they had a 120# 1 that is launched from a small plane and has a 22 mag. mini gun & can sweep down like a hawk and kill anyone. Their controllers could handle 10 drones at a time.
    I have done business with a gentleman who was in the Marines for 9 yrs and was in Iraq. His MOS was explosive expert and his job was disarming IED’s. He tour was up & he was sent to the States to Fort Polk to learn about new IED’s & yes, there was a school there but most of the course was training how to disarm civilian’s . He was going to re-up but ask for his discharge & came home. He told me it scared him so bad he wanted out so he could be home to protect his family.I have done a lot of business with him & he is very honest. He also said there were a lot of Russian troops training.
    You go read page 107 of Obama Care & it becomes clear what the gov. is up to. We will be enemies of the state & will be shipped to FEMA camps or killed. The US is about to vanish as we know it and they intend Muslims to be in control. It scares me to death and we need to be preparing

  8. spokenwar May 24, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

    Why are there no pictures? 102,000 box cars. 145′ each. That is 2800 miles worth of something to hide. Where are they hiding all these cars? We are talking about a line of cars that is lined up end-to-end would stretch farther than Los Angeles to Savannah and not a single photograph.

    If the DHS was to hide these cars at 100 locations, they would have to find 280 miles of track for each of the 100 places. Certainly someone would have come across at least one of these cars and taken a photograph of the inside of it. Not a single photograph. (And I don’t mean the stock bullshit photos. I mean a clear photo of the inside of one – or more – of these cars).

    Well, they are behind fences. Ok. We are talking about enough fence to cross America twice. At least 6,000+ miles of fence. The fence companies would have had a field day.

    If the designers of this car gave each person three feet of space, each car would hold 300 people (which is a conservative estimate since only the outside of the cars would be used to chain people to). That would mean someone would have to weld 300 chains to hold the inhabitants if they were shackled on a single appendage. That is 30,000,000 welds. Where are all the people who have done the welding? I guess DHS kept them in concentration camps and then killed them when they were done welding the shackles. One post said they used children to do the welding. I guess they were pretty good by the time they were done.

    That is also 30,000,000 hand or foot cuffs. I guess GSA just bid that out to a firm is Bangor, Maine. Sure, they took the contract and didn’t think twice about. OR – it went out to a lot of small businesses under a ‘secret contract.’ These businesses produced their hundreds of thousands of shackles and never thought twice about it. The people who work at these businesses did the work – year in, year out and never thought twice about it. Odd, since they were shipping them to FEMA, or a ‘shadow company’ under a ‘secret contract.’ That is a lot of welding and a lot of manufacturing for no one to ever think that there is something odd about making millions of welds and millions of restraints.

    I Washington, a place that can’t keep a secret for ten minutes, this project with all its ‘secret contracts’ really stayed, well – secret!

    Did Gunderson manufacture these cars? They must have used thousands of workers who were sworn to silence under pain of death. The thing is, last year Greenbrier (who owns Gunderson) delivered 15,000 rail vehicles of all types. At that rate they would have had to use all their output for 6.8 years to complete this phantom fleet of 102,000 rail cars. They would have had to own a ‘secret facility’ to complete the manufacture of these rail cars. Since their manufacturing took a dive after 2009 (the recession) I would bet they would have liked the business. But I guess the Greenbrier 2012 Annual Report investor report is nothing but a government cover up (phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=98215&p=irol-irhome).

    (Greenbrier Manufacturing Segment Report -
    Manufacturing revenue was $1.254 billion, $721.1 million and $295.6 million for the years ended August 31,2012, 2011 and 2010. Railcar deliveries, which are the primary source of manufacturing revenue, were 15,000 units in 2012 compared to 9,400 units in 2011 and 2,500 units in 2010. Manufacturing revenue increased $532.9 million, or 73.9%, in 2012 compared to 2011 primarily due to higher railcar deliveries as a result of increased demand and a higher per unit average selling price principally due to a change in product mix. Manufacturing revenue increased $425.5 million, or 144.0%, in 2011 compared to 2010 primarily due to higher railcar deliveries partially offset by a decline in marine barge activity and a change in railcar product mix with lower per unit sales prices.)

    Let me make an estimate for the price of these cars. At $50,000 per car it would have cost FEMA 5.1 billion dollars. I guess Bush and Obama just handed that money over.

    Also, if you transport 30,000,000 (oh, did I mention that 102,000 cars times 300 people per car equals 30 million – or around 10% of the population) in shackles, you have to transport them naked. Why? Because you would have to have an army just for unchaining people who needed to defecate. So, they would have to be unclothed because they would need to go where they sit. Then, once they got to their destination, you would have to use precious water to hose down the cars. Also, you would not be able to transport in the winter areas during winter months. You would also have to keep track of their clothes (unless they were just going to stay naked or you were going to kill them right after they got off the train).

    These Americans DHS is going to transport. They aren’t going to be like the Holocaust victims. You put these people on a train filled with shackles and they KNOW what is going to happen. They aren’t going to stand idly by and walk to their deaths. That means there is going to be a lot of killing before and after the transportation. Remember Flight 93. So, you are going to need a lot of Americans who are willing to kill women and children. Lots of them. What I hear from my right wing friends is the people who will fall in line will be people dependent on the government. That is a code for ‘people of color.’ They are just animals anyway, so why wouldn’t they be willing to kill women and children to hold on to their food stamps and welfare?

    When they transported arrive, I don’t know what you would do with the people. They would be covered in shit. Disease would be rampant. The guards would have to be wearing coveralls and using breathers. The stench would be beyond belief. Also, would they feed these people? Would they provide water? After a few days the guards would be carrying people out of the cars.

    It would make more sense to simply use the cars as rolling jail cells and leave the transported loose and not chained down. The shackles don’t make a bit of logistic sense.

    But the people who dreamed this up thought the shackles would scare people more. Either way, the shackles make no sense at all. I mean if you are selling fear, chains make more noise.

    Will DHS feed any of these people? You would need tons of food to move 30,000,000 people. How would you feed them? They would be chained down. I guess you could leave a pile of food at one and of each of the 3 floors and it would get passed around. But, since there’s no way to use the bathroom, it would be easier to go without the food.

    The next question is why do you want to move 30,000,000 at one time? That is close to the population of California (38 million in 2012). What are going to do, move them to Mexico and leave them there (that’ll teach them for sending us millions of illegals)? Or – will the DHS move 30,000,000 people somewhere and kill them? Maybe that is why they need all those coffins (which aren’t really coffins – even if you thought they are). You don’t bury 30,000,000 people. You burn them.

    Where are all the cars? 3,000 miles worth of cars… Where are they? There is not a single photograph of one of the inside of these cars. There is not a person who worked on them who has stepped forward. Every person in America has a digital camera on their person. Where are the photographs? And while I am at it, where are the photos of the guillotines that are on each of the cars? I mean they are making them in Asia and sending them (under ‘secret contract’) to the states for use on this 3,000 mile fleet of phantom rail cars.

    Funny how there is so much of this (hundreds of thousands and miles and miles of proof out there) and all of it is secret and not a single person has produced a single shred of evidence that this fleet exists. Funny how I know people who have a answer for all of this. The answer doesn’t make sense, but it is an answer from a patriot and that should be enough. It isn’t. The thing isn’t that this story is a lie. It is. The thing is why do ‘God fearing Christians’ have so much invested in it being true?

    You call yourselves patriots? You look like liars to me. This lie has been floating around since 2004. It is time for it to stop. A lie, is a lie, is a lie.

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is a lie.

  9. Eldridge June 17, 2013 at 2:53 am #

    I must say Mr. Brownbill, your article made me laugh. I don’t care about your political affiliations, or what you think of our government, but it bothers me that you would write such a pointed article with ABSOLUTELY NO FACTUAL INFORMATION. First and foremost, the ONLY picture of these “Prisoner box cars” is actually a photo of automobile cars. (An image which you’ve stolen from someone else without giving credit, but that is beside the point.) If you are correct in your assertion of the number of “box cars” being moved constantly, why has nobody seen any of them? As a previous poster stated, that accounts to thousands of miles of these rail-cars. Being around trains my entire life, I can say from experience have never seen a train of white box cars.

    Secondly, the “proof” you offer is a low-resolution screenshot on google maps. Those cars look completely different than the image shown above! The cars in the google maps picture are covered hoppers used to carry grain and agricultural supplies while the cars pictured above are vehicle cars, neither of which are box cars (cars having side opening doors). They have hatches on the top for grain loading(clearly visable), as opposed to side doors with shackle welds as you claim. Nice try though. I would suggest you google image search “BNSF Covered Hopper”. You’ll find plenty of photos which show the top hatches and lack of welds. Then, search “BNSF Auto Car” and finally “Box Car”. One of these things is not like the other… (Hint: The actual box car is never pictured in the article)

    I hope that those of you who read this article have a good laugh just as I did. Nothing this man said made any sense at all. It is ignorant people such as this person which are ruining the validity of journalism for the rest of us.

    To Mr. Brownbill, I do hope you do your research before you write more articles about anything to do with railroads. You obviously have no prior knowledge about how railroads or even the government function. There is no way that thousands of miles of railcars could simply be hidden and never photographed in the US. There are too many people who like trains and many more who have cameras that others would have seen them by now. International red flags would have been flying for some time now if there was any validity to your outrageous claims. And, FEMA? Really? Why, of all agencies, would the Federal Emergency Management Agency purchase railcars for prison transport? Don’t you think an agency such as the DOD, or maybe individual State Corrections Depts. would be more plausible to make a purchase like this of any scale? Or, why not the NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security. or some agency that actually deals with the safety of individuals and not disaster cleanup? Then again, there is no arguing with someone as radical as yourself. As you put it earlier yourself “The world is flat and Obama is not Marxist, Whatever!”
    Hope to see you trackside someday. – Eldridge

    • Richard Goes June 21, 2013 at 6:32 pm #

      I hope everyone in a collective delirium. But if it is true, What we have to do is wait to see who is crazy about all this. The Best is coming. The Great King.

  10. jim September 5, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    I called Gunderson years ago about this… at that time the contracts were through the United Nations, not FEMA… i even had the contract numbers! I told Gunderson i was a college student writing a paper on how Gunderson employs and stimulates our economy in Portland Oregon …. when i brought up the UN contracts, THEY HUNG UP IMMEDIATELY!…..Hmmmm, that seems legit!!

  11. jim September 5, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    These aren’t the railcars i have seen… these are for autos, not cattle or people…. the real ones aren’t as tall… i don’t know why they used this pic…. it chips away at any credibility…

  12. steve November 5, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    Ok if these are merely auto transport boxcars .. then why did fema purchase so many of them? Fema is manufacturing automobiles now? lol

  13. Greg March 2, 2014 at 12:08 am #

    Tonight, my Wife and I were traveling East on Hwy 14 in Vancouver Washington. There was a long line of these rail cars that I have never seen before. They said Kansas City (something) on the side.. It was dark and I was driving.. at first I had thought maybe they were Cattle haulers.. curious and knowing that Gunderson builds Railcars in Portland, Oregon, I had to Google this. People think Im full of it reading about what FEMA’s up too. All the plastic coffins being set up and stored across the country and now these railcars ready to tow people around to where? For what? Why? What is the plan? Scary days ahead folks!

    • Not Stupid March 22, 2014 at 2:17 am #

      You can google that, but not KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN RAILROAD, who own these type of tri-level articulated Autoracks, man, stupidity is really out of this world. Oh, and cattle haven’t been moved by rail since the early decades of the 1900s.


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