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What an incredible and absolute farce! Senator Rubio Earns FreedomWorks’ “Freedom Fighter Award” By Andrew Nappi.

Reply to Mr Sanchez by Andrew Nappi (Fl,10th Amendment center)


Mr. Sanchez;

What an incredible and absolute farce!

“Freedom Fighters” do not vote yes to the military arrest and indefinite
detention of US citizens,violating their oath of office, the Bill of
Rights and repudiating at least three grievances of the Founders in the
Declaration of Independence. Voting YES to these provisions of the NDAA do
not in any remote way advance the cause of liberty.

“Freedom Fighters” do not vote yes to bills such as the Federal Building
and Grounds Improvement Act inhibiting the right to assemble and protest
by creating an Orwellian “event of national significance” around the
president or anyone with secret service protection.

“Freedom Fighters” do not vote YES to extending the patriot
act,warrantless wiretaps,no knock warrants and modern Writs of Assistance
now called National Security Letters.

“Freedom Fighters” do not advocate involvement in the civil wars of
another country. The events across the mid east should have hammered this
home to your boss, as well as his welfare/warfare state cronies McCain,
Graham and Lieberman. “Freedom Fighters” have more respect for the blood
and treasure of America’s young people who are required to spill the
former now and be cheated by Federal Reserve inflation of the latter

Senator Rubio’s voting record is an insult to the Founders,Framers and
Ratifiers of this republic.

Fortunately, Liberty is on the move and the real Liberty movement,not the
Disneyesque version a la  FreedomWorks, will sweep away global
collectivists and central bank supporters like Mr.Rubio. In 2016,we will
put your boss out to the curb for pick up and delivery to the ash heap of

In Liberty,
Andrew Nappi
Tenth Amendment Center Life Member
State Director
Florida Tenth Amendment Center
727 815 5440






promoter of limited government and the free enterprise system, this week announced that U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has earned its Freedom
Fighter Award. This award is given to legislators who have consistently
voted in the defense of liberty over the previous year. Over the course of 2011, FreedomWorks identified bills that concerned personal liberties and urged members of Congress to vote in defense of those liberties. Rubio
earned a score of 94 percent, making him one of only eight senators to be
presented the Freedom Fighter Award this year.

Upon receiving the award, Rubio said, “I believe there is no greater
duty for an elected official in our nation than to protect the God-given freedoms of our citizens. When I campaigned for office, I pledged to fight for the principles of a limited and effective government that allows people to thrive in the free enterprise system.  I am pleased to have FreedomWorks as a partner in this effort and appreciate their recognition today. I am especially grateful to the people of Florida for entrusting me with the duty of defending freedom, and to organizations like FreedomWorks for providing support in the advancement of that effort.

Max Pappas, Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs at FreedomWorks, said, Senator Marco Rubio is one of just eight U.S. senators this year to receive the prestigious FreedomWorks Freedom Fighter Award. This award is given to those legislators who consistently vote for economic freedom, scoring above 90 percent on the FreedomWorks Legislative Scorecard. Senator Rubio is part of the vanguard in the Senate standing up to Washingtons reckless spending and its assault on the free enterprise system.  Senator Rubio has come to Washington and done what he said he
would do. Check out his votes for yourself at


3 Responses to What an incredible and absolute farce! Senator Rubio Earns FreedomWorks’ “Freedom Fighter Award” By Andrew Nappi.

  1. RitaR September 16, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    Excellent Response Mr. Nappi..!!

    Rubio is nothing but a Globalist Sock Puppet who does absolutely NOTHING to advance the Cause of Liberty. Our Beloved Founding Fathers would have considered his egregious attacks on Our Constitution and Our Inalienable Rights Treasonous and I’m certain Tarring and Feathering would not have been their end result.

    ALL Traitors of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights need to be removed..sooner than later..

    In Liberty,

    A ‘New Tenther’

  2. Ben March 14, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Rubio, in my opinion, is a big government progressive. He can’t hold a candle to Rand Paul,It sometimes seems like we assign the term “conservative” to someone just because they say the right words, regardless of what they do.

    • Fred Brownbill March 15, 2013 at 11:24 am #

      Ben, you are right. Rubio is another career, progressive politician, using the term conservative for his own benifit. Ted Cruz seems to be the real thing, although Rand at times shines and then he does something so wrong like voting for Hagle. Hold their feet to the fire.

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