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Mitt Romney, Rick Scott and jobs. By Fred Brownbill.

I was listening to the news today and was shocked at what I was hearing.  The glee from the Democrats who can smell blood from a thousand paces or more was obvious, as once again the GOP potential nominee, the I once was a moderate but now am a conservative, Mr Mitt Romney and his political advisors, seem to me to have shown a total lack of common sence and understanding of the constitution and the obvious hatred of conservatives all over this country to large government.

Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, a very important swing state in this election, and a state where President Barack Hussein Obama leads in most polls, has been doing a great job of bringing real, full time, well paid jobs to the sunshine state. Since he came to office, replacing a wannabe Democrat, Liberal Charlie Crist, he has done what he promised.  He has made Florida one of the go to states in the union for employers to move to and has created around 100,000 new and as I said, real jobs. These are jobs which have security, good pay and benifits, and not the sort of jobs touted by this Marxist and very sorry administration in the green sector, with very little in the way of security.  Rick Scott, a Republican Governor, has done what he was elected to do and  will continue to do, namely create real jobs.

Now, we move onto Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2012 election.  He has been travelling the country talking about the total failure of this present administration in job creation. 

Now, to me, the Federal Government should not be the one creating jobs. It may create an environment that makes it easier for job creation, but it should never be involved in actual job creation.  It fails each and every time it get to choose winners and losers.  Look at the nationalization of General Motors.  Look at the car that Obama swore and viewed as the future of motoring in his perfect progressive view of an America I do not want to live in or be a part of, the Chevy Volt.   What a disaster and huge waste of our hard earned tax dollars.   Just look at the failures of the green environmental jobs that have been so readily backed with tax payers money since the election of Obama, and the billions of dollars lost as a result.  There have been virtually no REAL green jobs created, although, with literary flair this administration, by calling all sorts of jobs green, like a bus driver who drives a hybrid bus, or a cleaner who cleans in a green factory, and counting those as green jobs.  Even so, with all the chicanery that they can muster, unemployment is still, by their own corrupted figures, over 8%.  Reality is that the real unemployment figure is actually not far shy of 20%. 

I want to go back now to Mitt Romney.  Apparently his camp has asked Governor Scott to stop touting his success in job creation, as it goes against the message he is trying to tell the American people, about how no new jobs are being created. 

I have a suggestion for our liberal, whoops sorry, conservative now  GOP presumptive noiminee, Mitt Romney.  How about telling the American people the truth?  Strange concept to politicians the world over, but just a suggestion.  How about being proud that a State, being run by a fiscally aware Republican Governor, is doing what is the job and the work of governors in all 50 states, that is create jobs, boost the economy, and serve the population of the state better while not increasing taxes etc?  It is happening in several well run Republican states, with little to absolutely no help from a Federal Government. Look at Wisconsin.  He should be touting that job creation is best done at state level, with no interferance from this bloated, out of control, corrupt Federal Government.  He should be shouting the success of Republicans all over the country who are succeeding where others have failed.

I say to Rick Scott, who has not always done everything I wanted, carry on Sir, Create more and more jobs.  Make Florida that shining star that other States under democratic control only wish they could emmulate.  Carry on working hard, every day, as you promised to bring Floridas overheads down, services improve, all the while by not increasing taxes. Make Florida the state that everyone wants to invest in because of a lack of restrictions and interferance from the government.  Make Florida the go to place for all companies looking to relocate to a right to work state that is friendly and understanding to their needs.

I say to Mitt Romney, Sir, you are wrong. Be proud of what a Republican is doing in a Democrat State, despite all the obstacles and hatred shown to him by the left.  Turn Florida into a Republican State by touting its success and not trying to hide them. That Sir, would be a positive message to tell the American people.

4 Responses to Mitt Romney, Rick Scott and jobs. By Fred Brownbill.

  1. RC June 24, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    Kudos to you Fred! A very truthful and well-worded Article!

  2. Ron Gangitano June 26, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    I find you to be a great American and one of the most patriotic people I know. I have a great deal of respect for you and all you do for this country. Your opinions are valuable and worthy of everyone’s serious attention. That is why I find it so difficult to be critical of this article.
    This is the most important election in our history. The risks to this nation if Obama wins a second term are extraordinary. We’re all aware of the importance of having Obama voted out of office in November. This should be our highest, number one priority.
    We have a candidate in Mitt Romney; not a possible nominee or a potential nominee but the nominee. The nomination process was over when Mitt was the last man standing. In case you haven’t noticed the campaign for the November election is off and running, is in full swing and it’s between Obama and Romney. There is no one else and there is no chance of anyone else stepping in.
    If we’re serious about beating Obama in November then we had better get fully behind the candidate that we have or we will surely risk the election that we tout as so important. How conservative Romney is; his Mormonism or his view on gay marriage are not issues of debate or criticism. They can be addressed after the election. But they will never be our concern if Romney loses in November. Romney needs and deserves our unconditional support, not wishy-washy, weak, “Oh, he’ll do” kind of support but the exciting, complete support of backing a winner, support with cheerleaders and a marching band, the kind of support that instills excitement and confidence that is a magnet to those who are on the fence and puts fear of failure in the hearts of the opposition. That is, if we’re serious about unseating Obama.
    Look, Mitt Romney has a daunting job ahead of him. He must unseat a popular and aggressive president who has no ethics or standards about how he wins. Romney may not be the perfect choice for everyone but he is an experienced, talented candidate with a record of successes in the areas we need most. Most importantly, he is the man in the arena who has taken up our cause. It is time for the critics to get behind him and remember the goal. We must first defeat Obama in November before we begin the work of restoring our country. So far, Romney stands an excellent chance of winning in November but it’s no shoe in. Our focus should be on campaigning for Romney to win in November; nothing less.
    Fred, I felt your article worked just the opposite of supporting Romney and he needs the support of all conservatives if we are to beat Obama and we must beat Obama. I know how important it is to you to unseat Obama.
    My two cents

    • Richard Hicks June 28, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

      Dear Ron,

      I observe from your post that you are upset that Fred is telling the truth about the public’s choices instead of pretending that Romney is the answer to all of our prayers. I am sorry that you have sucumb to the propaganda that the only choice that you have is the lesser of two evils and that you are choosing to ignore the fact that both choices will still lead to the downfall of our nation and the world, but in different ways.

      I am sorry that you have forgotten that it was George Bush that managed to get into law the Unpatriot Act. I am sorry that you have forgotten the truth that the republicans and the democrats are simply two sides of the same coin in the pocket of the globalist elites. The evil elites do not care which party gets into power and they never have. Instead, they simply push for one party over the other to get elected when it suits their agenda. When they want to pass their pre-written laws like the Unpatiot Act, then they push for the Republicans to be in power to do their bidding. When they want to pass their pre-written laws like draconian Obamacare then they push for the Democrats to come to power to continue to do their bidding. It has been this way since before World War One.

      The biggest enemy this country faces is not Obama, instead it is the pervasive, inundating lie being told to the American people that both political parties are not completely controlled by the same small oligarchy of global business elites. Fred is doing what he can to support what is is considered the lesser of two evils without lying about who they both are.

      Is it wise to lie about our choices?
      Is it wise to delude oneself in false hope?

      We support Romney and the republicans this time around solely because they are considered the lesser of two evils at a very critical time and for no other reason. The real battle for our country is against both the Democrats AND the Republicans and this is the reason that our citizens have failed to win this battle because they have failed to properly identify the enemy and have instead assisted the enemy to gain complete control of all politics.

  3. Ron Gangitano July 4, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    I don’t disagree with points made by you or Fred. The faults and problems with politics, political parties and candidates are well known and make good academic debate. However, we do not live in a classroom. We live In the real world were we have to make real decisions and real choices that are not always as black and white as we would like them to be. By failing to make a choice of the lesser of two evils, we will certainly leave the choice to the greater evil of the two. The opposition will rely on the insecurities of the voter. We can find ourselves doing the devil’s work. I guess my question is, “Who will you be voting for in November?” Whoever it is, I suggest you get behind him and save the academic argument for the campus.

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