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I can smell the treason from Washington DC here in Florida…by Fred Brownbill

As we sit around this morning drinking our coffee etc, there is treason in the air. No, it is not the heavy chem trail spraying going on.  It is coming from the White House yet again.  It appears that President Barack Hussein Obama was not satisfied giiving our ally, Great Britains, nuclear secrets away to weaken them and without their knowlege, he is now, along with his fellow America hating administration, mulling over supplying Russia with the details on our own nuclear missile shield being placed and worked on in Europe.  This could include classified data.  He wants to give this to who I consider to be a very evil KGB Spymaster, Mr Putin, who used massive voter fraud and intimidation to just win the election  in Russia, (sound familiar??) and is a huge protector of Iran and their nuclear program.  He has also upgraded Iranian missile defense systems to help Iran fight attacks from Israel and or America.

Please read the link below for the ful story and I hope that it makes you as mad as I am again this morning…..fred brownbill


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