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It is now illegal for citizens to pray in front of the White House. Obama, you should be ashamed of yourself!

I have just read a report which troubles me greatly, and I hope that as the many thousands of our SAF members and followers who read this site weekly, you too will all be infuriated like me.  There was a prayer type of protest today, comprised of the type of people that the Obama Regime and the Progressives and Marxists in his administration hate.  YES, there were priests there representing the Catholic Church as well as a reverend from the Christian Defence Coalition, and Pro-life groups including the Christian Defense Coalition, Operation Rescue, Rock for Life, Students for Life of America, and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. 

The Police outside the White house told them to move. Yes, told them to move from outside “the peoples house” that the Marxist Monarch has taken up hopefully temporary accomodation with his ungratful wife and her family. When they refused to move, the Police moved in on these peaceful men and women of God, and arrested six of them!!!   They all paid a $100 fine and were released.

This when the Occupy Movement is occupying all sorts of Federal Land,  fornicating, raping and crapping on Police cars etc.  What is America coming to folks?  What has this divisive so called community organizer/Marxist in chief done to us all?

PLease read and pass on as normal.  Start to feel mad because this is just plain wrong. It is time to stand up and maybe begin a voyage of civil disobediance if we do not get our voices heard. This is a fight for the very survival of America people and a fight we cannot lose.

God Bless America.


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  1. tuxkabin February 17, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    So now what do you do, ask permission from congress to sue the White house? Then if they allow it, you pay a lawyer with your money and the White house uses their lawyer to counter sue you with your own tax payer funded White House Lawyers. Then on Tax day you pay them more money out of your pocket to help fund their argument against your lawsuit with your own money. The way it is suppose to work is you file a complaint with your local GrandJury and the state attorney general will investagte said complaint and then your state sues the White house with your tax dollars also and you get to keep you pocket change. Then we all go to court with the judge who works and is paid by the state not the White house. Then if the judge does not believe in states rights you fire him or her.
    End of lesson. Your problem has always been the States attonrey generals for they are looking to someday move up the chain to Federal attorney General it is the lawyers dream.That brings us to Holder again the man who has been linked to the gun running in Mexico and the Bombing at the world trade center and the Bombing at the McVey trial, not to mention several others. So who has the power to put the big dogs in jail, the GrandJury or congress or even your local Sheriff. Or we the people can just stay home and watch and most of americans are getting pretty good at that these days.Just for you information the state of Florida did away with your constitutional rights in over 30 years ago, you no longer have a Grandjury only for murders, no the real criminals, The state Attorney General ruled we the people were a pain in his butt. Go figure?So if you know a judge or a lawyer or two or even a few police officers, or maybe a firefighter, you might be very careful in what you say to them now days. Or maybe a retired military personell who just might have worn the blue UN hats a few times, they are all home now and have made their grade pay to retirement. And just like the others now they want to be on yourside.

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