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Another Democrat joins Obama in call for Suspension of the Constitution.

In an interview Wednesday this past week, Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson, made some outrageous statements.  He congratulated his Lord and Master, President Barrack Hussein Obamas’ call for his staff to push the main parts of his $447 Billion Jobs Act through WITHOUT Congressional authority or approval. This Bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate this week by both Republican and Democrat Senators.

Rep. Jackson went as far in this interview to compare the state of frustration in the House to a rebellion, with Republicans determined to wreck and ruin the Country.  This man sees no other option than to bypass Congress and get the Presidents useless Jobs Bill in place.  I wonder how both the president and this representative of the people can justify this thought pattern when they both took an oath to protect the Constitution.

Also, in this interview, Jackson introduced his very own $804billion Jobs Plan!  He wants the Federal Government to just hire all 15 million unemployed people and pay them $40,000 a year in salary!  That would cost the taxpayers only $600 billion. What a bargain…NOT!   Then, for another measly $104billion the Federal Government would bail out the States, and then another $100billion to bail out all the cities!  He suggested that these workers could belong to the civilian conservation corps administered by another department called The Works progress Administration.  He sees this as a 5 year project.

In his own words,  (Please read the bold italic print)  “And as more people work, they pay taxes, they pay taxes into the 4th quarter, they buy wares, they buy homes, they meet their obligations and our economy begins to work its way out of this protracted recession,” he continued. “That’s the only way out of this crisis.  And I hope the president begins to continue to exercise extraordinary constitutional means based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past.”

I say the good people of America calls to impeach this Congressman and Obama for this treasonous call to suspend the Constitution.  What say you all?

One Response to Another Democrat joins Obama in call for Suspension of the Constitution.

  1. tuxkabin October 16, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Jackson is not a Democrat, he is a communist. The rainbow group is working hard thesedays in Kenya for Obama, with our tax dollars.Yes Kenya is now a full blown Muslim country, thanks to Jacksons hard work with the millions paid him by Obama with our tax dollars. They have now killed thousands of christians to make their point. Now they are killing all Christians in the next county with our troops help. I wonder who our troops really are thesedays? Clinton had the same problem he was always fighting on the wrong side, and killing Christains as well to save Muslims.
    Tuxkabin has spoken.

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